Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm working on it

This blog is under construction. I won't be posting anything new until all the current Art Flags are finished and the title art is finished.

I've decided not to self censor this blog. I told the producer of a certain movie I worked on I would but I have changed my mind.

I won't be commenting on other blogs til remodeling of this blog is complete.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crumbling Comments

I'm finding more and more blogs I can't leave a comment on. Is anyone else having these problems? My computer is running slow so this might be a problem just on my computer.

If I don't get it fixed in a few days I'll post a list of the blogs I can't leave comments on.

I'll call my Computer Guru tomorrow.

I can't leave comments on the blog The End of the Information Age.

This Canadian blog is one of my favorites and he's posting a lot of great stuff right now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taming the Wild Ego

What if you never took credit for the work you did?

What if the world only knew you from the products of your imagination?

"The World Before Me" is my new motto.

Not the Co-Director

I gave five years of my life to the movie Begging for Billionaires.

I came up with the title for the movie.

A few weeks before 9/11 I videotaped Kansas City from a plane for the movie.

I was going to make a list of all the work I did on the movie but I just want to move on with my life.

I didn't get the credit I was promised by the producer and I no longer want my name on the movie.

The story I wanted to tell is no longer in the movie and the credit I have been given is a lie to me.

I decided not to put a link to the movie on this blog as for me to pretend to be supportive of this movie is becoming a lie in my heart.

I am going to ask the producer to remove my name from the movie and his website.

Then my work on the movie will be for the right reasons and not to support my own ego.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peace of Words

I've been fighting a war of words on this blog for some time now. I'm sorry to all my readers as I have been wasting your time. The war is over and the Gossip Army has cut the swords from their mouths.

Children were hurt by people with money and power. I could not stand by watching this happen and do nothing. I destroyed my life stopping this ego fed abuse of children. The people that did this don't see themselves as bad people. They see me as a bad person.

I may have the true story published on a blog after my death but in the here and now to do so would put my family in danger. I love all people, even the most wicked among us.

I would like to name a former Mayor of Kansas City Missouri as the only true hero of this untold tale but I can't. I gave him my word I would not use his name as long has he lives. He is the only honest man in politics, I've meet.

One truth I found in all this was the more you fight evil the more evil you become.

Google "Begging for Billionaires the official website" for more insight on this post. Look in the credits and bio for my name and what happen to me leading up to the making of the movie.

Check out for a tiny blog where my comments are larger than the posts.

I've asked the producer to remove my name, comments and story from both sites. I feel I can no longer support the movie. I'm proud of my work on the movie but I want to leave that part of my life behind me. He has agreed to take my name off the movie.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Link List Art

This art replaced the United Nations Flag widget.

If you look to the right side of the screen you'll see some new art flags replacing some of the flag widgets.

Some of the Art Flags under the link list are scanned a degree or two off a 90 degree right angle and other flags are not finished. After all the current flag widgets are replaced I will be going back to fix these problems.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twelve Domes

I'm behind on my artwork for this blog so I reworked this drawing for today's post.

My dream of having a world class imagination center will most likely remain only a dream.

With that said I'm going to pitch a version of this concept as soon as I get a portfolio together.
I'm going to target a small America City with the right mix of talent and money to make this attraction work.

I've decided I'm going to make my first pitch a week from today.

"Hello my name is Robert Andrew Vollrath I am a communal artist doing creative interactive exhibits."

"My art is always a mosaic and anyone who wants to part of my creative process can work on my art with me."

"I try to make my art as ego free as possible while still finding a way to make money."

"I put the public before myself in my art and share my art created in public with the world by offering it free to any who want to use it for good."

"I have 12 domes of exhibits in my bag of imagination that I wish to share with the world."

"From a humble start I hope to be the spark for a world class Imagination Center."

"My motto is Low Tech, High Concept."

My Blog Posts Keep Vanishing


Monday, February 16, 2009

Magic Monday

What is magic? I don't know but here is a list of the most magical moments in my life.

1. Dreaming about past lives as a small child.

2. Seeing color around living things as a small child.

3. Hearing a voice telling me to wear my seat belt an hour before a near fatal car wreak in 1975.

4. Being outside my body watching my car wreak in 1975.

5. Seeing a second (or third) me after the car wreak in 1975.

6. Going into the light.

7. Falling out of the light.

8. Seeing future events.

9. Changing future events.

10. Seeing ball lightening twice.

11. Seeing and hearing a meteor hit the Earth.

12. Finding the end of a rainbow or driving through the focal point of a rainbow.

13. Seeing a secret Air Force plane fly while making the sound of an electric motor.

14. Seeing the B-2 bomber go optically invisible.

15. Near death experience in 2006 when my soul left my body.

16. Near death experience in 2008 when I was told to wake up from a dream because my heart had stopped.

17. Being taught lucid dreaming in 1986 by my then six year old son Mark.

18. Learning to use lucid dreaming to end nightmares and night terrors.

19. Learning to use lucid dreaming to control hallucinations from sleep disorders in 2008.

20. Learning to use lucid dreaming to wake myself from sleep paralysis in January 2009.

21. Learning wart wishing from my mother to control and lose warts on my hands.

22. Creating imagination therapy to deal with many health issues.

23. Learning to slow or speed up my heart by force of will.

24. Learning how to edit reality or how to instantly induce a vision.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Art Flags

The next big change for the look of this blog will be replacing the widget flags of different nations with my own artistic version of a world flag. The top flag is meant to represent Antarctica and while not a nation this world outpost needed a flag for my blog as my next solo link is for the blog Frozen Cheese.

The Canadian flag is the over paint of a photo of an Aspen leaf on a frozen stream. The bookends of this flag are false color satellite photos of the mouths of rivers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grandfather Green Tie, War of Words

The pain was beyond my imagination. The creature was shaped like a super egg, a solid black orb with four ebony limbs shaped like the fore legs of a praying mantis. The razor sharp legs are embedded deep in my torso or what I imagine to be my torso.

The Angel Onomatopoeia touched my soul and the pain was gone. The life force of a egg like shape remove the four bladed legs from my imagined body. The four legs turned from blades to flowers and the living imagination had the body of a giant oval pearl now.

The Vampire Ophiuchus twisted in pain at the lost Night Terror he had created from the evil of his imagination. Onomatopoeia had turned terror into beauty.

What comes next is a war of words between a vampire and angel with Grandfather as the judge for the saving or destruction of his own soul. Sorry but this is the best writing of my life and its too good to give away. If Grandfather lies his soul dies.

Imagination Ark

Here is another version of my Imagination Center. This time I have built it in my mind on a large lake with temples of learning surrounding domes of dreams.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Notes on Grandfather Green Tie #1

I was going to post the story "Faces" today but I'm still working on that story and not being part of my first novel I don't know when I'll be getting back to it.

I'm still trying to get last Friday's post finished and when I do that I'll be putting some notes on the novel here.

I have nothing left to write today. Posting the rest of the first chapter in the post below has drained me of all my energy.

Looking at this post on Tuesday Feb. 10th, I decided to add three paragraphs from the next three chapters of the novel.

Chapter Two


I watched the play of photons on the filament of a lighthouse light. In this micro-scape I felt safe.
I knew I was in a coma. I don't know how I got here. There was a trial and my Grandmother English was there with my two oldest Grandchildren. Angels were all about me in this tiny world.
One of the angels was named Onomatopoeia.

Chapter Three


Nine months in the warm darkness was a good place to hide. Ophiuchus was a master of ancient knowledge but his shallow imagination limited his search for me. I chose the most boring place to hide, my own life. On July 25th, 1958 at 12:05 PM I was born.

Chapter Four


The z-phone chimed by her bed. Olivia woke from a dream, a dream about Grandfather Vollrath. Olivia pushed a button on the z-phone and the nano-screen popped out of the slot showing her cousin Vincent's face.

"Olivia there's been an accident, Grandfather Vollrath is in a coma. He was hit head on by a drunk driver."

Chapter Two was inspired by posts on the blogs Joan Sandford-Cook and Me, a writer of movie scripts.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grandfather Green Tie & The Invisible Picnic #1

This is a first draft of the first chapter of my novel, Grandfather Green Tie & The Invisible Picnic.

The title is a working title and this first chapter is a work in progress with many changes to come.

The Trial

The judge was a vampire. Not the vampire of legend but a creature of ancient wisdom bound by hate. No vampire had took the soul of a human in over a thousand years. This judge had taken the life of the last vampire that did so.

The courtroom was shaped like a pseudo-sphere. This false sphere was almost the total opposite of a sphere. The constant negative curvature offered good viewing for all the projected souls that were in the courtroom.

The chamber was filled with a saline solution called the Tears of the Innocent. The billions of tears swirled in a vortex of high pressure that held the walls of oil at bay.

In a tradition older than human recorded history the Court of Alchemy and Magic was convened
underground in a pool of oil beneath the wastelands of Eden. Today one that called himself Grandfather Green Tie was on trail for unleashing the Gossip Army upon the world with secrets no human should know. Embers of war burned above the court this session and two of the four rivers of the garden had dried up.

Judge Ophiuchus projected his thoughts and all in the court were quiet of mind.

"You have given this court your spiritual name as that of Grandfather Green Tie. Is this the truth by your quantum of the universal mind?"

"Your understanding of the truth is too limited to give you an answer that would have any meaning."

Grandfather Green Tie projected those thoughts as if he spoke in quiet monotones. The three members of the family that spirit was with him in this pool of tears knew what that meant.

He had just declared a war of words with Judge Ophiuchus. The vampire judge's soul burned bright in rage.

"Your arrogance will seal your fate!"

The judge unbound a tesseract scroll in four dimensions. Echos of living words danced from the parchment made from slices of heaven.

"This scroll tells me you are an Angelic Wraith haunting your own flesh and nothing more.
Why did you unleash the Gossip Army with hidden truths upon a world of shallow dreams?"

Grand Father Green Tie filled every tear in the vortex of the court with singing rainbows made of fragments of infinite imagination.

The judge twisted in agony from the beauty.

"In the thought patterns we call words heretic!"

The singing rainbows faded from the false reality of the court. Grand Father projected words as the judge ordered.

"I did so to save the world, one imagination at a time."

"A fool's mission for one that touched the mind of God."

"Better a fool's mission than a shield of lies to shade one from the truth."

Lois English dressed in white light floated next to her Grand Son and touched his arm saying;

"Bobby you must stop this. The judge can kill you in the living world and shred your soul in the afterlife."

The judge smiled.

"Listen to your Grand Mother, Bobby. You don't want to be seed stock for a thousand new souls do you?"

"When you fell from heaven how did it feel?"

Everyone felt the pain of the vampire judge as his anger exploded in a flash of pure hate.

"Silents Bobby or I'll shred every soul in this courtroom!"

"Grandfather please. If not for yourself then for your family and friends."

Olivia was playing the part her grandfather had cast her in. A look of regret came over the judge's soul as the embers of anger burned within him.

"You have played me for the fool I am Bobby. Not even a judge as powerful as I could threaten the lives protected by the Tears of the Innocent. Moments ago an iron spike was driven through my heart as I lay sleeping in my chrysalis. My brothers have killed me in a bid for power but I will have my revenge. I am no longer your judge, I will be your Night Terrors and countless torture awaits you in your dreams."

The wraith vampire that was once a judge exploded out of the courtroom and in his place was an old and twisted pear tree. In a voice that sounded like the rustle of leaves on a windy day the Tree Judge spoke.

"I am the last seedling from the Tree of Life and I live only in the heart of Grandfather Green Tie. None of your tricks can work on me dear Bobby for my life was spun from the imagination of the One Soul. Your voice will be silent for the rest of this session."

With that said the snake cuffs around Grandfather's wrists bit each others throat binding his voice. The magical cuffs were one snake body with heads at either end and none had broke free of their power.

"I will judge you in the light of truth and know if you have cast lies at the world by the Gossip Army."

The Tree Judge was a friend that was killed by the axe of Ophiuchus. To be judged by a friend was much harder than to be judged by an enemy.

"What family members living or dead stand for this man?"

Lois English dressed in the brightest of white light floated before the Tree Judge. She had been a Caretaker for the last Queen of Trees and after her death Bobby Vollrath her grandson had failed to save the tree. The vampires had hunted the tree for over a hundred thousands years to kill the last living link to the Garden of Eden. Grandfather Green Tie's heart broke as he watched the Caretaker and the Queen of Trees meet in this world between the living and the dead.

"As his maternal grandmother I will be his Spirit Guide and turn him from evil when I can."

Olivia Vollrath floated up towards the judge as her Great Great Grandmother returned to her Grandfathers side.

"As his first Grand Daughter I will guide his heart in his final days of life."

Before her words were finished her cousin Vincent Vollrath floated beside her.

"As his first Grandson I will guide his mind in the final days of his life."

Grandfather could not speak but his imagination was beyond science or magic. He looked down at the snake cuffs binding his hands.

He thought to himself.

"We are all nothing, only our dreams give us any measure of reality. I must remember that."

The Pear Tree Judge limbs moved over the courts stone bench picking up the imaginary construction that resembled a green neck tie.

"What is this Bobby? I found no link to your own personal mythology. Why do you focus all the power of your imagination in this green tie? Why do you call yourself Grandfather Green Tie?"

The green tie turned into the snake handcuffs in the branches of the Pear Tree Judge.

Around the wrists of Grandfather Green tie was the green tie of his namesake. The green tie came to life wrapping around Grandfather's left arm. The other end of the tie elongated to the center of the chamber. The tie and the Grandfather disappeared into a sphere of bright yellow light. A gateway to the realm of the living.

The Pear Tree Judge cried for the boy that once climbed her branches. He was a criminal now and he would be hunted by a vampire.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Science Friendly Imagination Center

I believe the future of family entertainment is Imagination Centers. The above sketch is one version of my design for the first imagination center. A place where families can exercise their imaginations. A place without artifacts and full of ever changing props.

An imagination center would be ruled by the four SFs.

Science Fantasy
Science Fiction
Science Fact
Science Fun

The above sketch is a reject design because the buildings look like a bunch of giant baseballs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Link List to save the World

I need your help. I am a communal artist without a group to commune with. To me art is meaningless without others to share the creative act with.

I became a communal artist when I lived in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I had a small basement apartment there, that I filled up with large abstract sculptures. The sculptures were wildly painted in bright colors.

My neighbor across the hallway saw into my apartment and asked if she could come in and look at my art. I answered without thinking.

"You can come in and see my art but only if you help me work on it."

As she walked into my apartment I handed her a small squeeze bottle of purple paint and told her to paint on any of the multicolored sculptures in any way she wanted. I told her If I didn't like it I could simply paint over what she did.

After a few minutes painting with me she asked if I would come to her party on Friday night and then let her guests come over and see my artwork. I told her I wasn't a party person but her guests could come over and see my artwork if they painted on the sculpture like she was.

Every Friday till I moved, my apartment would be opened to guests that helped me paint my artwork. I want to do the same thing with this blog.

This blog is an lab for me. If you've followed this blog for long you've seen it change many times in the way it looks and reads. When I'm making a lot of changes to this blog, it means I'm scared to write something. Next Monday I'll be writing about my losing my insight into the spirit world in January. Real or imagined this lost spirit vision makes me feel blind and deaf to a greater world than this one. On the positive side I am more focused than I've ever been in my life. My art is moving forward at a rapid pace.

With your help I want to do an Art Project without a deadline. This Art Project will have a lifeline. This isn't a contest or a giveaway but an exchange of art.

I want you to help me put together a Link List to save the World. If you go down to the bottom of the right side of this blog you'll see my A to Z link list. This is a work in progress.

I want the the readers of this blog to pick the best links that promote Imagination, Education, Peace and Nature. Send me comments telling me which links you think are the best. The rules for this are simple, one letter of alphabet for each link. I have links I think work.

Bees for Development
Dark Roasted Blend

JP Aerospace

Museum of Lost Wonder
Nature Conservancy
Open Learning
Project InSECT

Sea Shepherd
Unite Against Bullying

Xerces Society

I like all the links I have listed now but not all these links will help save the world from the negatives of reality. If you see your blog on the Link List, know that I plan to move most of the blogs to my blog list. If I use your link suggestion I'll send you a small college like the one you see on this post. You can do anything you want with this little college. Make a paper airplane, start a fire or paste it in a scrapbook.

I have removed my snail mail address

I have removed my email address

You can contact me by email or snail mail to get a little college from me if I choose your link.

Now for the second part of this little world wide art project. I am creating a college of the world to go at the top of this blog. Even if you don't want to play the pick a link part of this project, you can help me construct the world map in two ways.

1. I need small political maps in different languages from magazines.
2. I need photos of lava from magazines.

I'll make small color copies of the finished world map and send it to everybody that helps with this project. The natural world college is finished and now I just need to finish the lava bed it floats on with political maps burning in the lava.

If you decide to be part of this art project and share your address with me, I will not share it with anyone else.

Please don't spam me or send me junk mail. There will be an update of the Link List Project each Monday. This post was put online Monday Feb. 2nd 2009. The writing and art was started the day before on the 1st.

I'm finished with my link list . I will be posting the link list art in place of the title next Monday.