Thursday, February 25, 2010

Locations for Walking the Graveyard

I haven't got permission to use the Graveyard and may not as shooting in a Cemetery is a touchy subject. I've been involved in two graveyard shoots, so I know the rules. Don't shot names on tombstones.

The house is my parents rental property and is the oldest house in town. I helped rebuild the house in the 1970's. My father and I pulled 10 layers of shingles off the roof. The last two layers were wood shingles with square nails. In rebuilding the roof I fell through a rotten board and had the tip of a rusty nail in my right leg for 30 years. My body finally rejected the piece of hundred plus year old square nail. So I carried part of this old house around with me for a time.

The two doll houses are going to be combined into one as a prop for the daughter's room.

Walking the Graveyard was written by Desiree Nordlund.
Three actors and three actresses will audition for the two roles.
Desiree Nordlund will make the final selection on the cast by video audition.

Moon Tower

A model I'm making for a movie based on a childhood toy.

Third Christmas

Third Christmas came and went as I wait for my grandson to come down and open his presents.
In the third picture you see my little princess with her little princess in front of my little boy, who isn't so little anymore.

As everyone knows, Third Christmas is Feb 19th.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Moon

I've been angry, disappointed and sad of late. I wanted to see a second American Moon Program but that isn't to be.

My feature length script is far from finished that I'm working on and I'm behind on many of my projects. I'm trying to connect with the local movie making community but I'm lacking energy, time and money to be part of that community and move forward on my own projects.

I need a finished feature movie to get funding for the feature length movie I want to do. I need to start shooting a series of short movies this year. I've signed three contracts with the options running out by the end of the year.

I'm going to make a feature length movie about a moonbase with a micro budget. No script and only two actors. No computer animation. I'm almost done with the moonbase model and have a secret location to shoot it in. Limited editing. Editing is what kills most of my projects so I'm doing in camera editing on multiple tapes and will pick the best of those tapes as the official version of the movie to edit from. No music as I can't pay for original music.

I'm only going to shoot four short movies this year. I'm going to be my own crew on each of these projects. This isn't what I want but this is more realistic way of making movies at this point in my life. I must eat some pride to get to the project I want to do in 2011.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second Christmas

My Grandson didn't make it down last Christmas because of bad weather so I promised my Grand Daughter a second Christmas if she wouldn't unwrap his presents. Here are two photos from January 31st or as I like to call it Second Christmas:) I'm building a large doll castle based on a Disney toy play set. On Second Christmas my Grand Daughter got six princess dolls.

Yes I know, I'm spoiling her:)

Only the small picture is from Second Christmas. The larger pictures are from First Christmas.

From Pain to New Vision

I have shingles and worst I got shingles in my left eye in 2003. The most painful sickness ever to bless me. For I believe the shingles in my eye regrew nerves that gave me back full vision in that half blind orb. A simple wish triggered the nerves to start working again.

The doctor told me I could go blind in that eye and the opposite happened:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Wink and a Heart Attack

I went to Charlotte's farewell party last night and I saw many faces I knew. Charlotte is a wonderful actress and is going to LA to work as crew on a big budget movie.

The tall thin woman by the entrance to the bar looked like someone I should know but I couldn't connect her face to a time and place much less a name.

"I'm Caroline, a wink and a heart attack , remember?"

Then it came back to me. The last time I acted. I'm not a actor but I'll do a cameo now and then.
We were in a music video together. I was at the bar when she gave me a wink and I fell over dead from a heart attack. It was a fun shoot.

Photo copyright Caroline Bahner
Used with her permission.

The above photo is of Caroline Bahner.
I am hoping to use Caroline in several short movie projects in the near future.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cut two pages out of my script. From 119 to 117 those missing scene aren't missed at all. I move forward again with a clear head after some needed sleep.

Too far and not far enough

I am bone tired. I have never worked harder on anything in my life than the script I'm now writing.
Every part of me is in pain. Never have I gone with so little sleep for such long periods of time.
I'm trying too hard and it shows in my writing. I have written 119 pages and the script is not finished.

The way I'm writing the script is working against me. I have a nine day story arch and I've only written three days. 119 pages! I'm writing a mini series not a feature. This must be a feature length movie! Must sleep now, I'll write on my script another day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye Moon

Please say hello China or India to the man in the moon for my country won't be there anytime soon.