Thursday, August 30, 2007

Confessions of a Computer Illiterate

I'm a computer illiterate with very few computer skills and getting this blog to a hundred posts by the end of August was a goal. My computer was hit by lighting this summer and I lost my scanner.
My good friend Jeff came to my rescue with a scanner he had. Thanks Jeff!
I would also like to thank Kevin for selling me this computer at a friendship price.

Eric's Bag

Eric Von Robinson created the original bag or inflatable for the Inflatable Id. This giant bag was to be an command pod for an organic spaceship for my failed Science Fiction movie
Born of Marrow.

Tumble Time

Wind is the enemy of the Inflatable Id. In the winter it's bad and in the summer it's worst.

Brother, Sister, Orb & I

My favorite sculptures that I've created.

Door Art

This painting is called "The Language of Life" and it is the beginning of the second entrance.

Art Park Misfits

Seen here are failed art pieces that will combine to create up-cycled art. I inserted another shot of the recycled Art Park sign.

Sculptures in Storage

My sculptures in storage create a blur of color.

Three Views of Pain

Three views of the twisted copper & foam sculpture Pain.
Part of the Emotion series of sculptures.

Original Id

Before the Inflatable Studio became the Inflatable Id, I created this sculpture called the Orb of the Id.
Here it is with it's original paint job.

Marvin the Mantis

This puppet posed on my oil paint box was performed twice for Project InSECT.

The Big Blowout

The first of several blowouts at the point of most stress on the inflatable.
This took place the second week of July, 2007.

Second Dinosaur Puzzle

The head is too big on this pink Stegosaurus.

First Dinosaur Puzzle

This is my first dinosaur puzzle.

Puppets Under Contruction

The Trunk Nose Pigs & Frog Mouth Alien were created by Stephen Duker and modified by me.

Winter Test

Clockwise from top left; Early in 2006 a four fan winter test, A three fan wind test, The beginning of the entrance & the folded inflatable.

Three Views of the Lost Alien

Friendship Contruction

Counterclockwise from top left to top right; The beginning of the sculpture in the balloon rig,
Detail of the painted sculpture, The unpainted sculpture & how it appeared at the Holden Art Farm.

Wall Sculptures

From top left to bottom right; Nerves, Arrogance, Love & Cravings. All sculptures are part of the emotion series.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inverted Id

Pouring on the glue to repair the Orb of the Id sculpture

Cut as Marked

Putting my Weight Into It

The Shorter the Better

The entrance needed to be shorten for weight and ease of transport.

Moose Horn Cut

Making the Entrance shorter.

Saddle Tree

Through the Entrance you can see the tree that the arch came off of. The arch was inverted and when it was a living part of the tree kids in the neighborhood would ride it like a hobby horse.

Infinity Flower

I'm painting the flower and showing off my bald spot.

Getting Ready to Rip the Last Board

The Last Board

Here's my father Robert I Vollrath getting ready to put the last board in the trailer we rebuilt together. Without this trailer I couldn't transport the Inflatable Id.

Wheel Mounts

The boring but necessary job of removing wheel mounts from a old lawnmower to make the entrance more mobile.

Dinosaur Glass Eye

The begining of a full size dinosaur sculpture.

Carving a T-Rex Hip

Here I am working on the hip of my mid-size T-Rex puzzle.

T-Rex Gizzard

Adding some pink paint to the pink-green T-Rex Gizzard.

Tiny T-Rex Brain

A photo of me painting a T-Rex brain.

Alien Plant

This is an alien plant I'm working on for an exhibit.

Tall Robot

Here I am working on the Tall Robot head.

Concept Sculpture

This is a concept sculpture for an Alien Puppet that would cost thousands of dollars to build.

Puppet Head

This is an alien puppet I'm working on.

Green Entrance

The new version of the entrance is greener and shorter.

Freindship Repair

The heat of the day at the Holden Art Farm melted some of the rods holding the sculpture together, so I'm repairing this Friendship.

Left Fan Wall

The start of construction on the left fan wall.

Right Fan Wall

The start of the organic construction of the right fan wall.

New Paint

At the Art Farm showing I began to paint the entrance multiple colors. When I got home this seemed wrong and I began to paint the entrance different shades of green.

Lost Alien

I found this lost alien in my backyard last spring.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Photo


My imagination failed when I tried to imagine a brother I didn't have. This multi-colored blob is my imaginary brother given shape and color.

Rolling Up The Inflatable Bag

What a pain in the back.

Somebody Shut That Door

People left the door open just to watch the Inflatable Id deflate.
To the left of the photo is a sculpture by Michael David Wickerson.

The Last Piece

In this photo I'm pulling out of the Holden Art Farm's driveway with the last piece of the Inflatable Id. July 29th, 2007.

Packing for Home

My first load of art is ready for the short trip home.

Deflated Dream

On the 29th of July, 2007 I began to break down the Inflatable Id.