Thursday, November 26, 2009

Burying Bubba

A while back when my Grandson Denver had just learned to walk and talk my son had brought my favorite little boy for a visit. My oldest son Mark sits his son down on the back deck to show off his walking and standing skills. Then my Grandson speaks the first word his Grandfather Vollrath hears him say.


His little finger points towards Bubba.

Bubba died this week under that same deck and today I buried him.

Supergirl kisses Superman

This post was to be an update of my painting exchange with Joan Cook but the passing of a pet cat has made me a little down to work on the painting for that exchange.

I'm not a big Superman fan and I swore I would never wear a Superhero costume but a little girl I love had a different plan for me. I seldom get to see my Grandson and the last time I saw him I gave him a Superman costume.

My Grand Daughter was not happy with the fact that I had not bought her a Superman costume and she told me I had to be Superman for Halloween (She didn't ask). I told her I would only be Superman if she was Supergirl. I thought she was going to be Raggedy Ann and I had nothing to worry about. Well Raggedy Ann was her secret identity and I ended up getting a kiss for keeping my word to Supergirl:)

This year I'm thankful for my Grandchildren, My Sons and the Mothers of my Grandcildren, My Parents and all their wonderful stories, A cat named Bubba that was a friend, My blogger friends and my two new friends Jeff and Charlotte.

I'm thankful that Halloween can be about keeping a promise to a two year old little girl.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Numbers to words

I'm writing a script that is based on a math problem.

I love fractals and created my own form of fractal math after my car wreck to try to heal my mind.
The feature script I'm working on now is an attempt to use my fractal math for the structure of a movie script.

333 is three words in the script that repeat twice. Once spoken woman (left hand fractal) and once spoken by a man (right hand fractal).

222 is a single word spoken together once in the script in union by the man and woman.

The script is my broken mirror universe in words.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing my heart out

All the pain and glory pour out of me into my own little universe. No bad times now. Just a past good and bad that feed me words from a shadow of a broken dream that yearns to live in the now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Journey of words

I am on a journey of words. Days with little sleep and one goal. As I write a feature length script the rest of the world falls away. I write my heart out. Two actor friends help me with the writing process. My 80 year old parent help me with the script. I write the best story of my life.

I write so much that my mind never shuts down. I dream of the script. I rewrite in my sleep.
One step after another. One word after another.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I need to make a living and move on with my life. I've never felt this alone in my life. I missed seeing my grandson on his second birthday and haven't seen my grand daughter in three weeks.