Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She believes in Mermaids

This is the last picture of my grand daughter before she left on a family adventure to find mermaids.

"No papa no!"

I am shopping with my family. I am pushing my grand daughter through the canned food section of a grocery store. Her eyes are filling with tears. Then I see why she is crying.

"Sweetheart, that isn't canned mermaid. The mermaid is just selling Tuna."

I buy her some spring flowers to get her mind off the possibility that grandpa isn't telling her the truth.

My grand daughter is on vacation with her father and mother on a Texas beach. Cordelia sees four girls waist deep in the gulf water with their brightly colored bikini tops. She tells her daddy she wants to meet the mermaids. The girls explain to her that they aren't mermaids but they saw one swim by.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Half of Forever People

I would like to tell you that I am a very old and wise soul but that would be a lie. I am a very young and foolish soul.

A soul in my humble view of the outer reagents of reality is but a fragment of eternity. In the church of the inside of my skull, I pray to the God, Goddess and the One Soul that binds us all.
What saddens me is I try to ignore the Half of Forever People. You know these people but you have no idea what a wonderful place they hold in the spirit world.

I wish I could talk to people about what I know to be true. I have no proof for any of it.

I find I'm too scared to write about it in this post.

Okay this is going to be a long post with many stops and starts. I believe everything is alive and imagination is the life force. Everything is a single life form and our lifetimes are sense organs for this One Soul. Death is a flowering of the soul. All of us are each other in a spirit world with no bounds of time and space. We are are all the good and all the bad that will be and has been and is.

Imagination is the advise of souls near this life time. A whisper of dreams as we sleep. A vision in a waking dream. The urge to do something. Sometimes we are puppets of the spirit world.

My belief system is rapidly evolving and with it I reject all other belief systems. This does not mean I believe I'm right and everyone else is wrong. It means I am on a personal journey and I refuse to have my imagination trapped by science or faith defined by a past that may or may not be true.

I believe in mind reading on an universal scale. What we call the dead are reading our minds and we sometimes read the dead minds of the past, present and future. In our waking hours we are bound by our own imaginations for the most part but in our sleep we can travel to other souls and to combinations of realities and imagination dreamscapes.

Sleep is a soul gate that helps us bind to the universal mind and helps us see in new realities. Our focused or current soul can travel trough time and space with the help of this universal mind. We have all the future and past lives with all the realities and possible realities.

All is paradox. The impossible is a lack of will and imagination bond to the limitations of the past dogma of science, faith and culture. Politics is a coward's playground as you try to bend others to your tiny reality. The Universal Mind (One Soul) is larger than your belief system.

You can't trap the truth in your lifetime. You can hunt for the truth and learn many things as you search for that fantasy that you think is the truth.

In my current view of the universe, all things are equal. I am no better than anything else in the universe and I am no less. I am all the good in the universe and all the evil. I long for a universe bond in love and not hate. I try never to hate and hope I can replace pity where hate lives.

The Half of Forever People are known as Gays in this lifetime. Somewhere in the multiverse the One Soul moves from male to female. A bridge is formed between the two great politics of nature and some people are a reflection of that bridge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Plan

An idea is like a flower, it can be the start of new life or it can fade and die without anything coming from it.

I have a plan to change the way movies are made. Will it be a new way to produce movies or a dead end? Here are eleven short movies I'm working on.

1. Walking the Graveyard written by Desiree Nordlund and Directed by Jerry White III

A gravedigger finds peace in his own grief.

2. Paralyzed in Paradise written by Desiree Nordlund and Robert A Vollrath. Based on a story by Robert A Vollrath "The Frankenstein Effect".

A man is overdosed on drugs in a mental ward and fights his inner demons to reclaim his life.

3. To Bed a Battle; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A Vietnam American woman is hit on by a Marine in uniform at a bar. She turns him down with a story about the battle that conceived her.

4. Divided Soul; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A Korean man is two souls trapped in a single body. In the womb in the early stages of life he absorbs his twin's body into his own. At 43 his twin comes to him in a dream and demands the last half of his life.

5. Dream Waking; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A tribe of Aborigines in Australia wake from reality and see the world in a new dreamtime.

6. Heart Broken; Second draft of script by Robert A Vollrath. I have asked Varun Goyal to write a new opening for this script. Working on contract.

A man's heart stops in his sleep. He wakes to take a walk without a heart beat.

7. Blue Bottles: Working on the 13th draft of script by Robert A Vollrath.

A farm is haunted by four murdered slaves.

8. River of Life; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A river is being killed by pollution. The soul of the river fights back.

9. Afterlife Equations; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A lone survivor of a helicopter crash lays freezing in Antarctica thinking about the possibility of the afterlife.

10. Edge of Eternity; Concept by Robert A Vollrath. Based on a two hour conversation I had with two Skylab Astronauts.

An astronaut falls asleep and dreams she loses her soul in orbit.

11. Infinity Flinched; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A car wreak separates a man's soul from his body. After a visit to heaven he falls through hell laughing all the way.

12. The Price; First draft Robert A Vollrath. I have asked Nidhi Sharma to write the second draft. Working on contract.

What is the price for returning from death?

I am working on hundreds of scripts. It is an over the top process that seems impossible but it works for me.

Black Void Visions

The above photo is a mistake. A person bumped me in a museum when I was taking a picture of an Oscar. This blurred image reminds me of the start of what I call a Black Void Vision.

I've had four Black Void Visions in my lifetime.

1. The Burning House; I see a home burn three hours before the house burns to the ground.
2. Falling Skywalks; I see skywalks fall in a hotel two weeks before the tragic loss of life.
3. Hung Slaves: I see four hung slaves in a vision of the past.
4. The Body; I see a dead woman in a location I know hours before the police find her body.

Two visions were of the future. One was of a forgotten past. One was of a hidden present.

Why did I have these visions?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paying for my Space Program

I took photos with my grand daughter with these two saxophones and they are in the movie Walking the Graveyard that I produced. Now they will help fund a trip with my son and grandson to see the Space Shuttle rocket to space.

Heart Broken

Yesterday my son called me with a plan. A mission to see one of the last space shuttles to lift off for space with three generations of Vollraths going to view the end of that program.

The above photo you see my Grandson Denver and Austin a friend of the family. Really Austin is part of our family, not by blood but by love. Austin is moving away and I will miss him as much as I miss my Grandson.

I just finished the second draft of a script called Heart Broken. The story is about a time I was heart broken in love and my heart stopped longer than I thought possible. It is based on my 2008 story "I was a Heart Broken Zombie" that appears in this blog.

I've been heart broken because of grandson. Half a heart filled with joy because of my grand daughter and half a heart filled with sadness because I miss my grandson.

Now I plan to journey to fill in the space between a broken heart.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mind on Fire

I've gone manic in the mind's eye. Entire stories are coming into my mind in seconds. The flood gates of creativity have finally opened for me after a year of struggle. How can entire stories flash into my head? Does this happen to other writers?