Friday, February 25, 2011

The Left Eye

I awoke from the dream with new vision. My left eye was in two worlds at the same time. I heard a "pop" as the cosmic white zero vanished in a blink of my left eye. The cosmic white zero was my peep hole into that other universe. What did I see?

Strange alien life? A better world? No, just the ceiling of a bedroom, the same as the ceiling of the bedroom I grew up in.

That other bedroom was that of a 17 year old boy who died so many years ago. It was a shrine to a dead son, an only child. The house was sad as the old couple had no grand children or great grand children. A drawing table was in that room with no one to draw on it.

I got out of bed and half remembered a dream that wasn't a dream. Did I have a right to reach out my mind to hers. I know her only by words and yet I know she will be a great writer. I try to forget the dream that isn't a dream.

I get out of bed and my left eye feels strange. My vision in this very tiny universe is larger in that left eye than my right eye. This is impossible because my until a few months ago I was half blind in this eye. I get a book and read a few pages without my reading glasses.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? I'll see if my projected dream had an effect on the river of time. I'll write a post about the dream called Echo Vision. If I get the right comment then I'll write a post about my Left Eye.

Echo Vision

Greetings from the Broken Mirror Universe. I just awoke from a dream and my left eye seemed to pop back to this Universe with a cosmic white zero printed on my eye. For a moment I could see into the Dualverse with that left eye.

December 14, 1975 is when the Dualverse was created. I had a car wreak or two car wreaks at the same time that split a Universe in half or doubled it. A fantasy of a broken mind? Do souls generate life or does life generate souls. Is life heaven or hell for souls?

In one Universe I die and my parents only child is no more. I am not the husband of Jackie Allen and my sons are never born. My beloved grand children don't know life in this barren Universe. Mark Funkhouser doesn't become mayor of Kansas City Missouri for he didn't investigate Union Station Kansas City for a year. There is no employee at Union Station to voice concern and talk to a former Mayor of Kansas City about the dangers there.

The movie "Begging for Billionaires" is never made. The movie "Playing with Fire" is never made. The movie "Walking the Graveyard" is never made.

Fewer hearts are broken in that other Universe for I had but two girlfriends in that other mirror of my soul. What of that 17 year old soul trapped between life and death all these years. Do I owe him my life? It was his voice that warned me to put on a seat belt. Do I owe him my left arm? It was his voice that told me to go to the doctor before an infection took my left arm.

Do my visions come from a dead clone of my soul? Am I the clone in this Broken Mirror Universe?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I like bad pictures of myself

When I get around children I get goofy and take the worst picture but I don't care because the future of us all is found in a child's smile and my face shines happy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Don't Believe In Fortune Cookies

A report on the local TV news said over half the people in my county are snowed in. I've lucked out as I parked in the drive way and most of the snow drifted around my car. The snow plows came and carved out the snow behind my car. I had very little snow to shovel and almost all the snow blew off my car while I saw big pickup trucks buried in giant drifts.

I got paid today in my toy business and after putting some money in the bank, I went out and ate Chinese food. I left the Fortune Cookie on the table as I hate to waste time reading the paper strips in the things and I really hate eating the so called cookie.

"Sir, you've left the Fortune Cookie on the table."

Said a young woman who had waited on me.

"Keep it, I don't believe in Fortune Cookies."

Every wish I've made, I've been granted. I wished my car wouldn't be covered in snow. Who needs luck?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imagination is Truth

I'm working on a Science Fiction movie and I think about all the people that believe nothing has value unless it is part of reality.
I've always thought imagination was reality and facts are propaganda.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Feelings

This blog was hacked by a person unknown. The photo of a whale was taken down from my header without my input. I'll be searching other parts of the blog to see if other things have been changed.

I'm going to try something different. My header photo will be my current post photo until I write a new post.

Today I was in the middle of a blizzard as you can see by this photo of my car.

Small Toys for Big boys

This is the last play set I sold in January 2011. It wasn't for a child but a man in his 30s.