Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Cabin in the Woods

The last day of the year. I sit in a cabin in the cool morning air and a fire is made to warm the small cabin. I talk to two men twenty years my elder. They teach me things of lost worlds that only live with the work of old men. At 53 I am becoming them in my own way and am and will pass what I can to younger generations.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

With apologies to George Lucus

I drew the above poster in 1977 and it was published by T-K Graphics. I believe I drew it three weeks after Star Wars came out. This is something I wouldn't do today but I was young and foolish. I found this poster on eBay today with the starting bid of $19.95. Strange to see a knockoff poster of Star Wars I drew being called rare on eBay.

As far as I know, knock off that it is this is the first poster of the Cantina from Star Wars.

The above photo is by the eBay seller cindy92002

The top photo is by me of a copy someone tried to color in. I don't who tried to color it in or why they stopped. I do know it wasn't me. Desiree I'm redoing this poster for you ( see comments below ). I'm going to take the color out , lower the bar and rework some of the aliens. The original drawing was destroyed years ago and I've always wanted to rework this drawing. I won't finish this poster redo until we finish The Recreators ( a graphic novel Desiree and I are working on ).

The plot sickens. Below is a email exchange between myself and the eBay seller cindy92002

"Dear cindy92002 ,

I'm Bob A Vollrath and I drew the poster you have for sell. May I use your photo in my blog Endangered Truth (Blogspot). I'll list you as seller on my blog."

"Dear (eBay name),

Sure, no problem. We have no idea what it is worth. It was in my collection for awhile. I bought it at a garage sale in Chatham, IL. The woman said her son did it."

I laughed when I read "The woman said her son did it."

Of course I must bid on the poster now, so I can sign my name to it and write Chatham IL.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas. My beloved Grand Daughter and I in matching PJs on Christmas morning at her house.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Space Crawler Artist-3D. Com

I'm working on a video graphic novel about space travel and the above 3-D image from Artist-3D.Com will be used to build a model for that video. This should have gone up on my blog Atomic Toy Spaceship but I have ads on that blog and that is against the terms of free use for this image. "Space crawler NASA equipment" - 3d model

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magic Technology

I've decided to write about things that the readers of this blog will more likely than not refuse to believe. I know someday the secrets I have had the great fortune to be eye witness to, will be revealed to the general public. The how and why of that reveal I can only guess at.

In the 1990's I was in the right place at the right time to witness two impossible looking technologies. The first was a triangular UAP ( Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon ) that I believe was the A-12 Avenger II but could possible be the TR-3A or the TR-3B Black Manta. I knew from the moment I saw the impossibly slow plane that it was some type of military technology but I couldn't understand why the triangle shaped object didn't stall and fall out of the sky at the very slow speed it was going. It didn't sound like a jet plane as it made the sound of a small electric transformer. I was not the only witness to this event.

The second event was the B-2 Bomber turning invisible to the naked eye at a air show at the now closed Richard-Gebaur Air Base. For many years I have wondered if I had a break with reality due to heat of the day or had seen one of the B-2's secrets up close. Two weeks ago I meet a witness that was part the ground crew at that air base during the air show and had seen what I had saw many times over. I now know what I saw was real.

I was sick from the heat and decided to leave the air show at the time the B-2 bomber was going to do a low fly over. I thought no one would be leaving at that time and I wouldn't be sitting in a hot car trapped in traffic after the B-2 fly over. If you look at the above ariel photo of Richard-Gebaur you can see a gray area below main runway at the bottom of the photo. That is were my car was parked. As I walked onto the shallow grass covered valley before the end of the runway the B-2 flew into view with its engines roaring. I was very close as the bomber took up a sixth of my field of view.

The engines roared louder and the B-2 dived down into the valley as if it was going to plow into the parked cars. I braced myself for the coming death as there was no time to run and then the impossible happened. In less than a second as if the bomber had flown into a mirage and the jet plane became invisible. Then I hear a muffled sound of engines. I see something in the sky halfway between where the B-2 vanished and the end of the runway. It was as a piece of the sky was floating away and up over the end of the runway. The B-2 pops back into view and does the flyby down the runway.

The full sound of the B-2 engines comes back the moment it becomes visible.

more to come....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

quantumG and me

I don't want to be a You Tube idiot but I am if you believe quantumG. I believe the United States Air Force has some of the most advanced technology on planet Earth but much of it is hidden from us for Military, Political and Ecological reasons. In my last two videos I speculate on the possibility of a secret atomic rocket. I may be completely wrong but I think putting concepts out to the world beyond the proven is a way to learn for all of us.

I have become a big fan of Epic Future Space on You Tube and when the host of that show called for a video response, I created one asking about cutting edge technology in space exploration. No problem until my second video when I asked Mike about the possibility of the military using Atomic Rockets in secret.

Then the comments come and I am all different kinds of crazy. The mean ugly side of You Tube is in full force. quantumG (his You Tube name) even goes as far as to write that I'm polluting the internet with stupid. I answer all his comments and try to take the high road when I do.

The above screen shot of my last You Tube video shows off my sluggish left eye. Blood is pooling in my eye socket at the time and my vision in that eye was like the flicker of a candle.
At seventeen I was told part of the vision in that eye was gone forever but two years ago I got full vision back in that eye. Since then my brain has had trouble with my new found vision and of late it feels like my body is rejecting my left eye. Needless to say I don't feel good when I made the video.

In video I come off bad as I'm not good in front of a camera. I'm a grumpy old man in the video and even make fun of my self in the title "Epic Space; Ask Mike The Grumpy Old Man Edition."
I leave the video up for a few days and then put it on the private setting. I may delete the video and work on making a better one. I'm not sure what to do.

Maybe I got what I deserved as I've been blunt with my comments on both You Tube and Blogger. I never got to the level of hate speech that quantumG did but writing what you really think isn't always the best way to go.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Everything and Nothing at All

The Age of Magic lasted from December 11, 1975 to December 11, 2011. It lasted in me me that long but it didn't feel like 36 years, it felt like a billion years. I'm tired, so very tired. I gave my magic away.

A few weeks after I gave my magic away I became very ill and started to go blind in my left eye.
It was like a candle flickered in my eye as my vision was a flame dying out. Each morning I expected to wake blind in one eye. My father is blind in one eye from a stroke and I thought that would be my fate too.

I went to my grand daughter's house to play with her, hoping to see her with two eyes for as long as I could. As I rubbed my closed left eye in pain my grand daughter Cordelia watched me.

"All your magic is gone Grand Dad."

I think to myself ; "Does this four year old know that I gave her magic given to me by my Grand Mother English ?"

"What happened to my magic?"

"You gave it all to me."

I smile. "May I have some of it back?"

"Just a little bit. I need most of it."

She puts her right hand over my left eye and the pain goes away. The stress of taking care of my 82 year old parents left me.

As I leave my Grand Daughter's house she leaves me with four year old words of wisdom.

"Always keep some of the magic for your self Grand Dad. Everyone needs a little magic."

Over the next few days my vision improves.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dining in Hell

I'm dining in Hell. It's my Host Birthday. I look to my right and see a child drawing with an orange and red crayon. The only colors allowed in Hell. A man without papers sits father down the table, a hard worker for sure. His beautiful mate beams across the table with love in her eyes for she needs nothing on paper but hopes to have it soon.

My Host looks at me with a bit of contempt.

"I don't know if you've ever eaten where there is good food?"

I hate hot food. The spices burn my mouth. The food is ruined in my mind but I eat to fit in.

" I've eaten in fine places before."

The Host ignores me. He is surrounded by his friends. That is how it should be. His mate sits by a woman with a pierced nose. There is two other couples present to my left and one half of one of the couples is a man of action. He once wrote that teapots happens. I think his name was Max.

The meal in Hell ends and a small piece of Heaven is found in the laughter of a child.

We drive through a city that a few try to occupy. Too few for me to see.

Then we are in a home. The mother and child are asleep. The host take out a metal cigarette that weed is hidden in. He shows me a magic mushroom and talks about DMT and tells me I have a crutch under my mind. He blows smoke into my face and I fell the effects of the weed.

I hate weed as much or more than spicy food.

I go to sleep and fix the effect of the weed on my mind. A trick I learned during a massive stroke given to me by two doctors. Before I go to sleep I put up a barrier to protect me from Night Terrors. Earlier this year my Host had thrown a Night Terror at me. Something I'll never allow again. I go to sleep.

I am everything and I am nothing. I am you and you are me. I am a woman watching her husband hung in a burning building during the Civil War. I am black. I am a slave.

There is a God and no God can be found. The Goddess binds with God to form the One Soul, the We, I, It of everything. We are the mushroom and the mushroom eaters. We are the hunter and the hunted. We are the raped and the rapist. We are all the good and evil in all the realities imagined and many not yet dreamed of.

I am the severed head in the Guillotine basket and the man that picks the head out of the basket and watches it die with a breathless scream. I am a scribe, a painter, a cameraman, a scam artist that works for a President. I am a liar, a man killed by a woman's knife.

I am the laughing warrior that dies a fool's death for a uncaring mother.

I am in the future living in a giant pyramid covered in crops and forests. I am a robot with two large lens for eyes.

I am a alien life form larger than the Earth. I live floating in a gas giant larger than Jupiter.
I am shaped like a giant button and it begins to rain molten iron on my back from a cloud of metal vapor. I enjoy the cool rain.

I live in the core of a star with skin of molten diamond and a heart of a super magnet. My blood is molten gold.

I am nothing and I spin the universe into something with pure imagination. The politics of facts means nothing to me, for I own nothing and nothing owns me. I try to spin the universe in all directions at once but can't find infinity, I can only add another spin to the universe making it expand and contract at the same time.

You are there with me and I am there with you. We are all pin pricks of God, Goddess and the One Soul. We are all everything and nothing.

I wake from my dream. Dress and leave my host house. I drive home on the endless road that now seems so finite. I'm not sick at my stomach from the hot spicy food I ate in Hell the night before and wonder why.

Cordelia the Zebra Unicorn

This is a early version of the Zebra Unicorn painting. Vicky Charriere the owner of the Golden Unicorn took this picture and agreed to let me name this painting after my Grand Daughter.

All of Vicky's photos are used with her permission.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Epic Fail Unicorn

This painting was painted over with a new bull unicorn based on the Indus Script Unicorn.

Sometimes I try to create a piece of art out of my head but this time it didn't work at all.
Three days after a spider bites me on my right hand I'm in a car wreak and injure the same hand again. In the same car wreak I have a head injury that damages a gland in my brain and then the heat of the summer makes for this terrible mess of a painting. This bull unicorn looks more like a dog than a cow.