Saturday, May 31, 2008

Notes on Henry

For the past three days I have been very sick. Then my mother found this paper with a few notes about Henry. Henry was a injured Robin that my family and the town of Kingsville Mo. returned to the wild. Henry wasn't a pet but a family friend. I loved this bird with all my heart and soul. Henry's memory gives me joy when I am sad. My father and I were at Boyscout camp when this note was written. The following excerpts are from my mother's note.

Went to Sunday School and Church- Talked to Henry when I got home. He answered me from high in the Elm tree. Then he came down to eat and I sat and talked to him. I walked around to get the newspaper from under the big Elm tree. When I came back Henry had taken a bath and was soaked. ( Robins can't fly if they get too much water in their feathers taking a bath.)
I brought him in the house at 12:10. I let him out when he could fly at 1:00 P.M.

At 3:00 P.M. he flew down to my hand and then got on my head. He jumped down on my shoulder and rode around as I walked outside for 10-15 minutes. He wants me out there but doesn't want to come in. 4:10 P.M. I was going to bring him in but thought I let him be for a little longer. He was really hungry.

I've changed the text to the note so someone who hasn't raised a Robin could understand what was going on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Grandson's Grandmother

My ex-wife came by this morning and gave these pictures of our Grandson Denver to me.
We hadn't seen each other in ten months and this was the first time since the divorce that I felt we were old friends. As we talked there was no blame or anger for our marriage failing but a look back on the joy and sorrow that was our life together. We share a common tread to the future that is our grandchildren.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Movie Making in Muscatine Iowa

My good friends James and Jessa asked me to work on a documentary about Project InSECT in Muscatine Iowa.
I of coarse said yes and here are a few pictures of that trip.

Jessa putting first paint on the black canvas.

James pinning the Project InSECT bug collection.

James at work as the Master of the washable bug tattoo.

This is the back of the Muscatine Art Center.

Cynthia outside the Stanley Gallery of the Muscatine Art Center.
Without Cynthia as my navigator I couldn't have made the trip.
Five days before the trip I had one of the worst asthma attacks of my life and then to top that off I got food poisoning two days before the trip. Never have I driven so many miles that sick.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inflatable Studio Phase 2

This airbag was created for me by Eric Von Robinson for my failed Sci Fiction Movie
'Born of Marrow' in 2002-2003.

This is the last time I will be using the original airbag for the Inflatable Studio.

Thanks Eric for creating the airbag for so little money.

Heather Rozzo took these pictures between lightning strikes and heavy downpours of rain.

Thanks Heather for risking your life and your camera for these pictures.

Finally I would thank Eli Pupovac for pushing me to get my art done.

There she blows! The Great White Land Whale has been tagged and two Land Whalers are stuck in the blow hole!

A friend and I goofing for the camera trough a 'small' hole in the air bag.

My Inflatable Studio is coming apart at the seams but I don't care because I'm creating art.

In the middle of the picture you can see me with my grandpa hat on, holding two cans of spray foam. A third of the sculpture 'CONSUMER ' is seen to your left.

A view from the inside.

The door is narrow and green compared to the white and wide version of the original door.
If you're an adult you must bend down to look through the bubble porthole window.

On a dark and stormy day the second version of the inflatable studio was opened to the public.

Art Farm Art Show

Thanks goes out to Heather and Eli for taking these photos.

I just found out today my show going to be up for a few more weeks and I'm doing a second version of the show with my largest sculpture in The Orchard sculpture garden. I'll be posting this second version in a future post. 5-27-2008

'LUST' is made of foam, copper and latex rubber. Can you see the reason for 'Lust' in the sculpture?

'WAR' as in Man of War and that stupid life and death game we play when someone can't let go of a little power. Three 50 caliber bullets were used in this sculpture and art is the best use for bullets.

The sculptures 'BROTHER and SISTER' at the gallery. Old paint from the movie 'Ride with the Devil' and the construction of Science City at Union Station Kansas City Missouri were used on the sculptures. New Paint from damaged cans were donated to me from True Value Hardware.

The foam was industrial waste I saved from a landfill. The two pieces cost me nothing to build but my labor. I carved the sculptures with the back of a claw hammer.

The very silly sculpture 'DEATH EGG' for all those people out there waiting for doomsday to hatch.

This foam and copper mobius strip is called PAIN.

The above photo is of my second piece of abstract art called Love.

My Art Show will be up another two weeks before I begin taking it down and I'll be posting more pictures in the next few days in this post. Forklift Bully Pages 13 to 18 will appear before this post as they are finished. My heart felt thanks goes to both Heather Rozzo and Eli Pupovac the co-owners of the Holden Art Farm for letting me display my art in their gallery.

From left to right; Flowers (on the table), Music, Soul, Silly, Orb of the Id (on the floor), Heart, Brother and Sister (both on the floor).

This is my favorite piece at the Art Show, Frozen Fireworks. My son Micheal came up with the concept for this sculpture.

I when in to check on the show today and found that Frozen Fireworks had fell off the wall onto the floor. I'll be hanging it sideways for the second version of the show. 5-27-2008

From left to right are my abstract expressionistic sculptures; Lust, Guts, Passion and Fear seen here against the raw wood of the Midlands Trails Gallery interior.

I removed the Guts sculpture from the show today. The sculpture is too fragile so I'll be adding wire to the back to reinforce it. 5-27-2008

Forklift Bully Pages 17 & 18

Under Construction


Forklift Bully Pages 15 & 16

Under Construction


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Forklift Bully Pages 11 & 12

Under Construction

Page 12 text; Three weeks later Dave is no longer my supervisor. Both Dave and the manager of Storage, Mike had been transferred to Receiving for the abuse heaped upon me. The Big Boss had heard that I almost hit Dave and I wasn't in trouble but my ex-supervisor and ex- manager were.
While in a morning meeting in the Storage Office I noticed Dave in Receiving looked just like Charlie Brown.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 10

Under Construction

Page Text; At that moment I became a Forklift Bully.

My art show went well last night even with bad weather. As soon as the photos of the Art Show are put on disk, I'll be posting the pictures on this blog.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 9

Under Construction

Page text; Something snapped inside me. As I opened my fist the pain of the divorce left me.
I had told management about Dave and nothing happened. Now I would bully the bullies!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 8

Under Construction

Page text;

Robert; You said I couldn't take it, in the morning meeting Dave. You're right, I can't take it anymore. Say one more thing about my divorce and I'll see what you can take!

Dave; I am sorry Robert. I won't say anything more about your divorce.

Dave wasn't sorry. He just wanted to see how much abuse I would take.