Saturday, July 5, 2008

Into Hell

I was dead falling back to life. I had gone into the Light and touched the mind of God.
I rejected the Light and fell back into the darkness. I fell through the black empty void of Hell.
The pain twisted my soul into echoes of my self and demons of my own design came to feast on my fat ego. Designer Demons I had created out of my own imagination tore alway the virtue of my youth.

Blackness, silents, I hungered for the Light.

The sound of a siren brought me out of the darkness and I opened my eyes to the Para Medic leaning over me.

"Don't worry you're not going to die."

I closed my eyes and embraced the darkness of my own mind.


rosalie said...

without darkness there never could and would exist light ;)

Robert A Vollrath said...

The Hell vision is the third part of a near death experience I had in December 1975.

Darkness may be the invention of an universal mind and not the reverse.
I don't know.