Saturday, April 19, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 7

Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger. I'll be back May 11th, 2008 to redo the first six pages and to begin to add six more to this story.

Page text; All the pain of my divorce was in my fist! I told myself it was just a bluff but I wanted Dave to say the wrong thing so I could knock all the teeth out of his head!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 6

Under Construction.

I just realized my hand written words can't be translated on my blog.

Page text;

For two weeks Dave made my work life a living hell! I drove to him on my triple pallet forklift with my left hand on the throttle and my right hand in a fist!

A concrete surfer can only take so much abuse!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 5

Under Construction.

Spoiler Alert!

Can you guess what famous comic strip character Dave looks like?

Page Text;

...the fact I was divorced. In the morning meeting Dave started to tell vulgar jokes about my new life without a spouse.

Forklift Bully Page 4

Under Construction.

I'm going to start taking photos today to replace some of the artwork.

Page text;

The long drive to the toy warehouse. I hated driving a car but I love driving a forklift. I was a concrete surfer. For eight hours I wouldn't see the pain in my sons eyes. I'll work hard and forget about the pain in my heart. I'll be a machine. I'll work all the overtime I can get.

I went back to work a few days after my divorce. Dave, my supervisor made fun of...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 3

Under Construction.

I've decided to rework the first three pages of this Bully Tale before I post another page.
The art is too weak. I can do better than this. I'm trying to create a job for myself at a high profile venue and this is taking time away from my blog. I also have a directing gig and I'm learning how to use a HD camera. Next month I have my first one man art show. Too many things to do in a short time.

The high profile venue told me to get lost in so many words. One less thing to do. 4-18-08

Page text;

I asked the judge to give my ex-wife and I joint custody of our sons. I would take full financial responsibility. I wanted to be more than fair.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 2

Under Construction.

I'm not sure this page is fair to my ex-wife as we had a verbal agreement on how to handle the divorce. She asked me if she needed to show up for the divorce and I said no. I was still shocked that she didn't come to court that day. 4-12-08

I found out that my father hated the picture I drew from because his neck looked bad in the photo. I replaced the drawing with a copy of the photo and took ten years off this picture by how I clipped it. This was the only photo I had of my father near the time of the divorce. 4-13-08

I'm trying to get this page working in the written word and the art. I'm trying to show the pain of divorce but I feel I must be fair to my ex-wife. I feel that the minimal writing is casting her in too negative of a light. I need to find a simple way to be fair to her. 4-16-08

There is no simple way to do this. I must be honest and not become a victim of my own propaganda. I must show the worst part of my nature. I can not blame the mother of my children for the failure of our marriage without taking half the blame. 4-16-08

Page text;

My father came with me. My mother was at home with my sons. My ex-wife didn't come to court. The judge wanted to give me everything. I said no.

I just read a comment I was being lame. This is my story and I'm going to tell it the way I see fit.
I was being lame. You can't be so fair that you cheat yourself.

I'm in the middle of building the Phase 2 version of my Inflatable Studio. I've took a break and updated some of the pages of Forklift Bully. I've left both versions of page 2 up because I haven't got my two sons in the new version yet. 5-5-08

Monday, April 7, 2008

Forklift Bully Page 1

Under Construction

The crazy boarder is going away and I'm losing the line about My boss. 4-12-08 Decided to keep the boarders. 4-16-08

I'm making changes to page one. I'm going to leave the original up and keep the top version as the updated page. 4-14-08

I hated the original page so I deleted it! 4-16-08

I am going to turn this graphic novel (Forklift Bully is part of a larger story) into a photo novel and use models to play the different characters. 4-16-08

Page text;

Welcome to my divorce. My father lost his wedding ring that day. My wife left me for another man. We created a hell out of our marriage.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girl Bullies

It started in the fourth grade. When I walked to school in the morning and some times when I walked home the two girls that were around my age and lived in my neighborhood would call me filthy names on the way to school and after school if I didn't see them walk up behind me.

They would walk 50 feet behind me as they took great joy in telling how worthless I was in the most vulgar terms they could think up. Carla and Yvon did this year after year until I started driving to school my Senior Year. I never said anything back to them, I just took the abuse.

One day my Senior Year I was driving home from school and while stopped at a stop sign waiting for the four school buses to pass by I heard two loud bangs from the back of my car. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Carla and Yvon kicking the back of my car.

'Just let it go Robert'.

I thought to myself. Then they kicked my car again. Kingsville was getting ready to repave the streets in town and my rear tires of my car were sitting in piles of gravel that would be smoothed out just before they sprayed the roads with new pavement. I shouldn't have peeled out in the gravel throwing rocks on the girls but I did. They screamed in pain and I shouldn't have laughed at their pain but I did. They shouldn't have tortured me with words for eight years but they did.

They weren't hurt bad, just a few red marks on their faces. They never had another unkind word to say to me and they never kicked my car again.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Bully Karma

I remember when the twelve years of bullying began. I was five years old and someone I loved was murdered. No one told me she was murdered but somehow I knew the truth. I had taken a vow of peace. I thought I could live like Jesus and if I didn't hurt anybody no one would hurt me.
I was at the sitters waiting for my parents to come for me after they got off work. A group of young boys had gathered by the side yard and started fighting for fun. I had never seen boys get into fights without being angry.

"Hey Little D you should fight Bobby!"

Before I could say I didn't want to fight Little D had knocked me to the ground and rammed his right fist into my left eye. I pushed him off me and everyone laughed because Little D was four years old and I was five. I never let my guard down around Little D again. I was always taller than Little D but he was always the stronger of the two of us. My arms were longer but his were more massive. All through grade school Little D would try to pick fights with me. I was the tall guy that didn't believe in fighting and I guess I was just a easy target for a little bully trying to make a name for himself.

Little D never gave me another black eye but I've lost count how many times he tried. In first, second and third grades I tried to make friends with Little D. I'd walk home with him from school and we would seem to be getting along but when we got in front of his house he would attack me. With my longer arms I could block his punches and I would knock him to the ground and pin him there till his mother or sister would break up the fight.

By fourth grade I gave up trying to be his friend and stopped walking by his house. I'd see him at little league games where he would try to goat me into a fight by calling me names but I would just ignore him. In fifth grade I had a growing spurt and Little D left me alone. In six grade I got braces on my teeth and all hell broke lose. I was the only kid in town that had braces and Little D was talking all the 5th grade boys into being my enemy.

"Bobby is trying to be a movie star by getting his teeth fixed so we need to beat him up to show we don't like sissy boys in Kingsville!"

I heard him tell a group of 5th graders one day. Two of my grade school friends would latter grow up to be gay men. I knew why he was calling me a sissy. It didn't bother me what he called me names but I didn't like him picking on my friends. A week later I got in a fight with the toughest kid in town and beat him up. I knew Little D had put him up to the fight and for a week Little D was scared of me. The next week the toughest kid in town beat me up knocking my braces loose. I got my braces tighten and the orthodontist was angry at the fact that I was beat up because I had braces. I had a black eye, split lips and the inside of my mouth was cut up.

My father told the parents of the kids that were bullying me that if I was attacked again he would sue them. Until I got my braces off in middle school I wasn't bullied.

My Junior year Little D and I got in a punching contest in Shop Class. Little D hit me as hard as he could on my shoulder for what reason I still don't know. I returned the punch and we went back and fourth punching each other till the Shop Teacher broke us apart. He wanted the two of us to arm wrestle to settle the near fight. I told the Shop Teacher that I didn't hold hands with bullies.

My Senior Year I had a car wreak and had my nose rebuilt because I couldn't breath through my nose after the accident and I had a lot of pain from cartilage pushing into my sinuses. For weeks after my nose operation I had to wear a purple plastic nose guard on my face. At school I was eating lunch when one of my friends asked if I really had an out of body experience during my car wreak. I started to tell what I experienced when Little D interrupted me.

"Vollrath you're so full of it. I think you had that car wreak on purpose just so you would have an excuse to get a nose job. You're still a sissy boy wanting to be a movie star."

"Little D you've been picking on me for years, when my nose heals up why don't we settle this hate we've got between us?"

"You'll never fight me. You're a coward and a sissy boy."

"You're going to find out Little D just who and what I am."

Little D turned and walked away. Everyone at the lunch table was shocked, I had never threatened to beat anyone up before. Then my friends started telling me that Little D was telling everyone he was going to break my nose. I wish I could tell you I was better than Little D and just ignored his treats but I didn't.

"Tell Little D I'm going to kill him. Tell him I could bleed to death if he breaks my nose so I'm going to try to kill him. Tell him I came back to this side of life mean as hell and I remember all the years he bullied me. Tell him I won't back down a inch."

My so called friends went and told Little D what I said. Little D told them he was going to get me after school that day. The gang of trouble makers came back and told me what he said.

"Little D's a coward or he would have told me this to my face. Tell the little coward I'm ready."

An hour later I was getting a book out of my locker when Little D came up to me. He was shaking with fear.

"I'm sorry Robert, I don't want to fight you. You weren't really going to try to kill me were you?"

"Yes, I wasn't going to let you break my nose and kill me. Don't ever talk to me again or I'll beat the hell out of you!"

Little D walked away from me still shaking with fear. I felt empty. I had took a vow of peace when I was five years old but I only found peace for myself with a threat of violence when I was 17 years old. Little D hated me and bullied me for no reason. I had never done anything to him to bring about the years of bullying. We should have been friends. I never spoke to Little D again.

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