Friday, July 31, 2009

Painting Exchange

Thank You JOAN COOK!

I received a painting today from England and as soon as my movie is shot I will return the favor.

I hope to have photos up soon of this wonderful gift and the creation of my gift to Joan.

Mac Daddy

I have a Mac now. I'm learning how to use it but it seems so much easier than any PC, I ever owned. I needed it to edit feature length movies in HD. It might be awhile before I start posting pictures again as I have a movie nearing production.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Pa Pa, Superman!

I begin to write this in the final seconds of my first day of my 51 year of life in this very magical life.

I live in the Golden Age of me. I live in a time of healing. My broken mind heals and for the first time in my life I have focus. For the last few days I can't smell anything. I have lost my sense of smell. This might seem like a bad thing but I know it means my mind is rewiring and my sense of smell will return.

I live in a time when my Grandchildren are the sweetest dreams of mine every to spin into reality.
Their wonderful imaginations are in full bloom.

Last week I was with my Grand Daughter and she came into her parents living room wearing a cape made out of a yellow pillow cover. My Daughter-in-Law looked at Cordelia and said;

"Tell Grandpa who you are?"

"I'm Superman Pa Pa!"

I looked at my little Grand Daughter with a smile upon my face.

"You mean Super Girl, don't you?"

"No Pa Pa, Superman!"

She stood there with clenched fists on her hips, legs apart and her chin held high in classic Superman pose. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the chair I was sitting on.

Cordelia looked a little hurt that I laughed so hard. I put my right hand on her shoulder and looked into her blue eyes.

"Grandpa will get you a Superman costume just like the one he got for your cousin Denver."

A big smile came on her face and she gave me a loving hug.

I remembered I once put a gender role on my Grandson on a family trip to the Kansas City Zoo and my son Mark got after me. For a moment I tried to do the same to my Grand daughter.
They are too young for such nonsense and I love both my little Super Grandchildren.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am story boarding my 2009 version of Two Jews and a Pagan to go into a one day shooting production on August 2nd 2009. I have spent $60.00 on the production so far and still need to confirm if one of my actors can make it that day.

I have spent more money on this production than I want think about but of course there is hundreds of other productions to come. I'm thousands of dollars in debt and the money pit of production looms.

The short movie Two Jews and a Pagan cost over $600.00 to make and I fall deeper in debt to prove to myself and the world at large that I am a writer and director.

I know people that made feature length movies for half what it cost me to do this short movie but they didn't pay their cast and crew a penny.

I'm trying to create a code of conduct for myself as I make independent movies. This production proved everything I believe in when making a movie. Stay positive, turn a negative into an advantage and put actors first.

I wrote half of this post after the production was finished on August 3rd 2009. I am now moving into post production on this movie.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Stupid

We went to the moon. If you think we didn't then you are the title of this post:)

I was a boy when man landed on the moon. I was on a vacation trip with my parents in Canada.
In a small cafe in Quebec I watched Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon. The small TV was on a shelf over the pie counter. Everyone was speaking French except for three Americans.

We tried to eat what passed for a hamburger but I was too excited to eat. Moments before Neil planted his foot on another world everyone got quiet. Everything stopped in that tiny cafe.

The cook and the waitresses stopped working and watched. No one ate. We were all watching that little TV.

Don't be Moon Stupid. We went to the moon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Soul Gate

The following is an excerpt from my Novel 'Grandfather Green Tie and the Invisible Picnic'.

The Rose Pearl wasn't happy. As an imaginary pet she was a fine creature but her master hadn't created her and he couldn't take her with him in a life lived in this life's future. Perhaps in a few million lifetimes Grandfather would create a Plastic Paradox to deal with this problem but in this fragment of eternity his imagination failed him.

He straightened his green tie and found some dark corner of Bobby's mind to open the Soul Gate.
Riding the dragon of the One Soul's imagination was something he seldom did but he didn't have time to gently ply the Soul Gate open as Bobby was under attack by the Joy Kill.

He couldn't remember the first time the Joy Kill creature attacked him but he knew it was too early in this lifetime.

More to come.....

Not sure when I'll get back to working on this. I'm in post production on a movie. This update to this post was written August 3rd.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Legacy Crime

How do the super rich lie, cheat and steal to greater wealth?

The Poor; Have their land called blighted, devalued and taken away with a lesser payment by Emanate Domain. This requires a judge to be payed off and several large donations to corrupt politicians.

The Rich; Emanate Domain is never used against the rich no matter how blighted their property is and they don't sell the land but lease it to the local government or third party for 25, 50, 75 or in one case I know about 200 years.

Museums are tax free pawn shops for the rich.

Charities are systems of control in good old boy networks with soft jobs for the shallow end of the wealthy families gene pool. Sign Up Slaves sometimes called volunteers get treated with little respect as management jobs (soft jobs) get high paying salaries for incompetent work.

What if you uncovered a Legacy Crime in a American City? What if the City Accountant covered up everything you uncovered. What if that City Accountant became Mayor for covering up the Legacy Crime of the city's Bully Billionaire. What if you are black listed for talking to the media?

What if you keep telling the truth no matter how much it hurt you and your family?

Next Post; Soul Gate

Friday, July 10, 2009

Heaven on a Budget

I'm writing a series of short movies to go into a feature length collection called 'Heaven's a Joke'.

I'm hoping to shoot the first of these 'Two Jews and a Pagan' this month.

The first version of this short was shot by my former friend Richard Hirsch at Union Station Kansas City. Because of bad sound that production was never finished.

This second version with a new version of the script and a new cast will have a low rent version of God's Waiting Room. As I'm banned for life from Union Station Kansas City, making the movie over in that wonderful location isn't possible.

My friend Maia found a free location in the same building that houses the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City office.

The room I'm going to use has no windows with missing ceiling tiles and wire hanging down to the floor. To an indie movie maker, free is always a little piece of heaven so I'm rewriting the script to make it work.

Without Maia and the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City I couldn't make this second version of my script. Thanks to both.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soul Net

Another vision I guess. Not very strong.

My body is my soul's house and a guess house for souls on journeys.

I don't think I can explain it in words beyond that.

Something is happening to me that is beyond any words I know.

Something wonderful.

Life as a Script

I wasn't going to post anymore until after my birthday on the 25th but I think I had a vision yesterday.

I'm a bit rusty as I built a wall in my mind trying to block out those crazy visions of mine.

The One Soul was writing a script and we all were in it. The story spanned all of space and time and each of us became a living word that gave a name to our place in an infinity stage.

For a moment I was at peace in a garden of living words in heaven.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Turning Point

Yesterday I took my beat up Sony 900 video camera to a repair shop. I hope the sound will be fixed in time to use it to record my short movie 'Two Jews and a Pagan' with the same cast that did the script reading in June.

Yesterday I handed over my first pages of my Graphic Novel 'American Space' to be reworked in photo shop by my friend Sylvia Daniels.

I feel like I'm back as a artist and writer after a long journey down many wrong roads.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grab Bag

I fell off the mountain of happiness. I got mad at my sons for no good reason. I no longer believe I was a good father or can ever be a good father. I can't remember most of my life. My novel seems like a lie now.

I want to make a movie this month but I can't get my camera fixed for lack of funds.
I have five actors wanting to make the movie and I want to make the movie and I must make the movie by the end of July or I'll lose one of my actresses.

The Script Reading of 'Two Jews and a Pagan' went well but I'm not carrying that energy into the production. It's as simple as a movie gets but I can't seem to move forward.

I saw a old friend last night and I talked about how my favorite TV show is Whale Wars and he told me that NASA used Sperm Whale Oil on their spacecrafts. I researched it this morning and found out what he said is true. I now know that dead whale is part of most space missions.

What happen to that Robert who would try the impossible and fall on his face and get up and try again? He's in here somewhere I just got to dig him out. So I had a heart attack last December, who cares? So, I haven't made any money in years? So, when I put money back into my movies and other projects from the few freelance jobs I had, I lost it all? Big deal!

The Novel isn't a lie, I just haven't found it's voice yet. I failed as a father but my sons have overcame my failure and turned out to be fine men. I tried to be a good father and that was all I could do. It's hard to be a father without a short term memory or a long term memory for that matter. How have I made it all these years? Oh I could tell you but it all seems like one big blur of a waking nightmare. I laughed through most of it.

If you find yourself in a living hell just start laughing. My pain is so little compared to millions in greater pain because I could hide my pain behind a veil of imagination. Anger is my greatest enemy. A enemy that always wins but I have hope that I can destroy this fighting fear within me.

I lost my inner vision in January. The colors aren't as bright. I no longer see glimpses of the future real or imagined. I feel empty. I hated the visions but now that they're gone I miss them.
I was always more wrong than I was right. I don't know if my visions had any value.

In a dream in January I saw ghostly faces that said goodbye to me. My spirit guides leaving me alone. I thought I knew two of the faces. People who died in this lifetime of mine. After the dream I no longer had visions only the memory of visions of things yet to come.

I'm taking a break from blogging. I'll be back when I'm 51 years old.

Sorry to leave you on a negative note but I'm off to climb Happy Mountain:)