Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Turning Point

Yesterday I took my beat up Sony 900 video camera to a repair shop. I hope the sound will be fixed in time to use it to record my short movie 'Two Jews and a Pagan' with the same cast that did the script reading in June.

Yesterday I handed over my first pages of my Graphic Novel 'American Space' to be reworked in photo shop by my friend Sylvia Daniels.

I feel like I'm back as a artist and writer after a long journey down many wrong roads.


Désirée said...


Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Desiree

Your blog has helped me get back on the right road:)

Using up the words.... said...

Here's hoping the road is straight before you and the you're ready to run the race. I'll be cheering!!

Robert A Vollrath said...


My real friends are helping me down that road and those people that pretended to be my friends are long gone now.