Thursday, July 16, 2009

Soul Gate

The following is an excerpt from my Novel 'Grandfather Green Tie and the Invisible Picnic'.

The Rose Pearl wasn't happy. As an imaginary pet she was a fine creature but her master hadn't created her and he couldn't take her with him in a life lived in this life's future. Perhaps in a few million lifetimes Grandfather would create a Plastic Paradox to deal with this problem but in this fragment of eternity his imagination failed him.

He straightened his green tie and found some dark corner of Bobby's mind to open the Soul Gate.
Riding the dragon of the One Soul's imagination was something he seldom did but he didn't have time to gently ply the Soul Gate open as Bobby was under attack by the Joy Kill.

He couldn't remember the first time the Joy Kill creature attacked him but he knew it was too early in this lifetime.

More to come.....

Not sure when I'll get back to working on this. I'm in post production on a movie. This update to this post was written August 3rd.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh where are you going to leave me then if I can't go on through the Soul Gate with the Master into the spirit life ahead of all beings? Please find a way.

Robert A Vollrath said...

As Rose Pearl is the R2D2 of the Grandfather Green Tie tales she will never be left too far behind.

Please keep checking back to this post as I will be adding to it for several weeks.