Monday, December 31, 2007

Nothing is Everything

If you have looked at my profile, you can see that I know a lot about nothing.
How old is nothing? Why is nothing both the largest and smallest thing? Why ask why?
The answers to these questions is Nothing is Everything!
Yes I know many of you out there believe in the silly string theory but I tell you that is just a jumble of nothing.
In the future past there was nothing but nothing wanted to be something so it divided the quantum vacuum into fast nothing and slow nothing. For those who didn't read my profile, slow nothing is nothing and fast nothing is something.
The fast nothing went everywhere at once but the slow nothing went nowhere never.
This created the universe as we know it and as we don't know it. The single strand of fast nothing tried to spin in all directions at the same time but couldn't as the two ends of fast nothing moved towards infinity and the thickness of fast nothing shrinks towards finite.
This caused a wobble in the fast nothing that let's us look at all the slow nothing which if you remember is what we think of as nothing. Gravity is just a tangled up knot of fast nothing or you can think of it as points where invented centripetal force from the universe trying to spin in all directions at the same time. The wobble between gaps in the universal spin is what we think of as magnetism. The weak force is slow nothing going nowhere and the strong force is fast nothing going everywhere.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

My grand daughter Cordelia Vollrath is happy to meet Santa.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Photos Part Three

Oliver Clifton English my grandfather as a young lad.

My grandma English's baby picture. Her death was the greatest loss of my life. My favorite memory of her was when she pulled me out of school to go mushroom hunting with her.
The magic of morels was with her.

Aunt Betsy, known only to me from stories my mother told me is a fascinating person. Reader of tea leaves and maker of bath tub gin she was a woman who claimed to see dead people.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remember the Children

The entrance to Daniel's Story.

The sign is printed but the background is a painting I did to match another sign.
Daniel's Story is the best exhibit I have worked on. My greatest contribution to this traveling exhibit was a large mural that I have no photos of.
If I find my sketches for that mural, I'll post those designs here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The History of Robots

This is a mural called the History of Robots that I painted for a science museum I once worked at as an Exhibit Tech. I was told I could take photos of the mural when it was half finished as a work in progress by my supervisor. So 20 hours into the project I took these photos.

Robotic Dolls, a mechanical knight and Honda's P3.

Two Robotrucks and a Dinobot.

Robonaut in micro-g.

Family Photos Part Two

Here he is the Emperor of Imagination, the Master of Magic, the Keeper of the Flame and a Gem in the Crown of Humanity, my Grandson a Superhero in his own right, Denver Vollrath!

Young Grand Pa Vollrath (me) riding the basement open range with my favorite cowboy hat my folks bought for me in Disneyland. Looking to roundup those grand babies 43 years in the future. Ye Ha! Get along little grand babies!

Mom Rebekah and my newest grand child Denver Vincent Vollrath. Christmas Day I get to meet my grandson. I can't think of a better present.

The photo above is time coded 7-14-98 and shows my oldest son Mark in auto body class.
You see my son here in all his long hair glory. I didn't like my son's long hair at the time but I had long hair once myself so what could I say? Mark was the only teenage boy in my little hometown that had long hair at the time and several fathers of teenage boys asked me to force Mark to get a hair cut. You see , they thought my son was a bad influence in the community.
I told them to mind there own business and my son could grow his hair down to his ankles if he wanted to! That was one of my best moments as a father.

My two sons and I trying to be an alien circus. I had a deal with with my sons if they didn't have fun in one of my crazy photo shoots they wouldn't have to take another picture. The person taking the photo had no talent for photography but tried. I wanted a side view to show off the oversize legs and definitely didn't want the top of the blue orange alien's head cut off.

Sorry sons for talking you into all those costume photo ops.

Mr. Z

While Mr. Z is a lost mask he was such a huge project I thought he deserved a post of his own.

This mask was the largest I ever built.

To heavy to wear it was a big failure but now in the last four photos Mr. Z will live again in my graphic novel.

Lost Masks

Old Zeb began to rot the moment I began to mix two types of rubber. Rot in peace old friend.

I had a friend that had a furry costume so I made this one.

I had a friend that was an elephant trainer so I rode an elephant with the costume on.

I wasn't going to include any fan art on this blog but here's my Alien, Predator and Borg.

I won my first costume contest with an earlier version of the Alien (Star Trekon 79).

I recognizes that 20th Century Fox owns the copyright to Alien and Predator.

I recognizes That Paramount owns the copyright to the Borg.

I own the copyright to the above two photos only as fan art.

This photo is going to become part of a graphic novel. I can't remember what happen to this mask but it will exist here in its original form with other lost mask that I have made.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family Photos Part One


Santa's little helper, Cordelia Olivia Vollrath at 11 weeks old. Micheal and Amanda's daughter.
She is my grand daughter and the reason I love life so much.

My son Micheal at his most devious after he wreaked his bike.

Me, myself and I, pretend reading in my favorite chair.

My Father age 17.

My Grandfather English.

Sorry, I had some green paint on my scanner that made these photos less than perfect.

Dream Dome

These three photos are of a failed TV show concept that I pitched in the late 80s and early 90s.