Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Focus in my art has always been a problem with me. I hop from one project to another and seldom finish anything. I admire artists that set deadlines and meet those deadlines.

Taking time off from blogging I was going to work on my novel but being the care taker of my 80 year old parents made writing a complex story too difficult at this time in my life. I thought about all my unfinished projects and tried to decide which direction to go with my art or writing.

Finally I made the decision simple for myself. I made my oldest unfinished project my focus.

When I was a teenager I loved Science Fiction and Comedy. For years I wanted to make a movie combining these two loves. Never having enough money to make a full length movie I decided to take the designs and create a graphic novel. Using collage art as a starting point I've worked on this concept off and on for years.

I'm near finishing the alien interview part of the story. The above alien art is my latest splash page from the graphic novel. I'm hoping to finish the first chapter soon "Raygun Wedding" so I can start pitching the project to publishers.

Sometime in May I'll post a photo of me with the first 200 pages. I just need to stay focused.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This blurred photo of my Grand Daughter and I was a moment my son Micheal captured as the big catfish took a look at us looking back. The first word I heard my Grandson say was cat and I've tried to get my Grand Daughter Cordelia to say the word for months now.

"Can you say cat Cordelia?"


After the catfish swam buy I asked for another word.

"Can you say catfish Cordelia?"


Later we're back at her home and Micheal is playing video games. I'm playing with Cordelia.

"Can you say cat Cordelia?"


With the word said she runs to her room and quickly comes back holding three objects in her tiny hands. She hands me a ball and speaks.


She hands me a block and speaks.


She hands me a book and speaks.


She looks at with those pretty blue eyes and I get the message. I'm her Grandpa and not a Mom or Dad. She knows words and her parents will teach her words. My job is to teach her the magic of imagination. She hands me my juggling scarfs and I create a little magic for a Princess that will teach me many things over the coming years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Project InSECT at Powell's Gardens

Here is another version of some footage of Project InSECT at Powell's Gardens near my hometown of Kingsville Missouri. You can see Jessa's husband James doing his arm painting thing in this short clip. I've posted this one before in several versions. I'll be deleting those earlier edits on this blog.

I have permission to post this video as I made it for Project InSECT.

Please do not copy as this video is a gift from me to Project InSECT.


This isn't the video I wanted to post after the original Project InSECT footage but I hope you enjoy this footage.

I have permission to post this video as I made it for Project InSECT.

Please do not copy this video as it is a gift from me to Project InSECT.