Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Pa Pa, Superman!

I begin to write this in the final seconds of my first day of my 51 year of life in this very magical life.

I live in the Golden Age of me. I live in a time of healing. My broken mind heals and for the first time in my life I have focus. For the last few days I can't smell anything. I have lost my sense of smell. This might seem like a bad thing but I know it means my mind is rewiring and my sense of smell will return.

I live in a time when my Grandchildren are the sweetest dreams of mine every to spin into reality.
Their wonderful imaginations are in full bloom.

Last week I was with my Grand Daughter and she came into her parents living room wearing a cape made out of a yellow pillow cover. My Daughter-in-Law looked at Cordelia and said;

"Tell Grandpa who you are?"

"I'm Superman Pa Pa!"

I looked at my little Grand Daughter with a smile upon my face.

"You mean Super Girl, don't you?"

"No Pa Pa, Superman!"

She stood there with clenched fists on her hips, legs apart and her chin held high in classic Superman pose. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the chair I was sitting on.

Cordelia looked a little hurt that I laughed so hard. I put my right hand on her shoulder and looked into her blue eyes.

"Grandpa will get you a Superman costume just like the one he got for your cousin Denver."

A big smile came on her face and she gave me a loving hug.

I remembered I once put a gender role on my Grandson on a family trip to the Kansas City Zoo and my son Mark got after me. For a moment I tried to do the same to my Grand daughter.
They are too young for such nonsense and I love both my little Super Grandchildren.


Karin Bartimole said...

Such a touching story of grandpa love :) WIshing you a year full of those rich moments of love, continued healing, and creativity galore!! I do hope your sense of smell returns, as I imagine it also effects your sense of taste - your attitude about it is good. Being in Observer mode about these shifts in our bodies makes it all a curious and fascinating journey, doesn't it?! Karin

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks for the comment

My sense of smell comes and goes as I use different parts of my mind.

Think of a computer without enough virtual memory. This doesn't bother as I'm use to it. I seldom lose all my sense of smell for a few days so I decided to write it in my blog.

My 80 year old mother has some health issues and I bought a dozen roses to cheer her up. Those roses were the first thing I smelled in a week.

My sense of smell and taste aren't as important to me as other parts of my mind. I am trying with all my force of will to focus to get goals done. My mind is rewiring to do this.

I am very lucky compared to so many people with head injuries.
I have an imagination that allows me to do things with my mind that most people can't do.

chrome3d said...

You are lucky to be grandpa at the age of 51. It won´t be possible for me.

How to get bigger images to blogger? This is my tutorial:

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Chrome3d

A Grandfather at 51 is the most wonderful thing to me.

My two sons became fathers seven weeks apart.

I have both a boy and a girl grandchild.

Thanks for the info. You have the best looking blog I've found.