Friday, July 10, 2009

Heaven on a Budget

I'm writing a series of short movies to go into a feature length collection called 'Heaven's a Joke'.

I'm hoping to shoot the first of these 'Two Jews and a Pagan' this month.

The first version of this short was shot by my former friend Richard Hirsch at Union Station Kansas City. Because of bad sound that production was never finished.

This second version with a new version of the script and a new cast will have a low rent version of God's Waiting Room. As I'm banned for life from Union Station Kansas City, making the movie over in that wonderful location isn't possible.

My friend Maia found a free location in the same building that houses the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City office.

The room I'm going to use has no windows with missing ceiling tiles and wire hanging down to the floor. To an indie movie maker, free is always a little piece of heaven so I'm rewriting the script to make it work.

Without Maia and the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City I couldn't make this second version of my script. Thanks to both.


Using up the words.... said...

OK... I'm curious... how does one get banned from a station?

Very exciting to hear that you've found somewhere for the "waiting room"

Robert A Vollrath said...

As you can get away with telling the truth on a comment more than a post,I'm glad you asked.

I shot video of a balloon drop on New Years Eve at Union Station and was threatened with arrest if I didn't sign a paper saying I was to be banned for life from Union Station Kansas City Missouri.

The full story is very complex and may never be told.