Saturday, July 26, 2008

God Is Larger Than Your Religion

God is larger than your religion. God is larger than any politics of faith. This is still true if you are an atheist as your belief that a random universe can produce complex life forms given enough time has no number system to back up that belief. So any belief in a universal intelligent reality is a more complex imaginary construct.

I am not a creationist as that is a form of word worshiping and I am not a word worshiper.

I do not believe in intelligent design as that is limited linear thinking.

I do not believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. If you believe in this theory you are a racist.
This is an historical fact that you can prove to yourself by reading an unabridged Origin of the Species. Most copies of Origin of the Species are abridged without that fact printed anywhere on the book. This scientific censorship is wide spread.

I do believe in a form of imagination based evolution. I believe imagination is the force in the 'Forces of Nature'.

I do not believe in Science. Science is a finite political system that puts limits on imagination.
Science is slow to evolve as an imaginary construct and has a dogma almost as rigid as any religion. I love science as a way to evolve our intellects but hate the limits it puts on our thinking.

Imagine you have four lenses. One is painted a solid color and a person picks up the lens and can't see any light through it.

"There is no light."

The next person picks up a green lens.

"The light is green."

The next person picks up a blue and red lens putting one over each eye.

"There are two lights. One is red and one is blue."

The next person looks at the light without any lens.

"The light is what it is."


rosalie said...

and that's what it is- all depends on one's (point of) view..

blue and red light remind me of 'matrix' (first part) and the message the film told- a kind of the buddhistic way of thinking (plus and minus, dark and light.. etc. you know for sure ;) )

but being able to see the things at least nearly in the way the other one sees is a feat and a gift everyone should have (and in fact parents should always try to relay this ability to their children because of this is so kind of important in ones life).

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm glad you understood what I'm trying to say with this post.

I have believed in all those points of view sometime in my life and now I believe in all the points of view and none of the points of view at the same time. I believe in paradox and imperfection.

I believe the impossible is possible and the only thing that is truly impossible is that which we can't imagine.

It doesn't matter what I believe but it does matter that each of us has the right to believe as we wish.