Monday, July 28, 2008

Church Dictator

I was the last Chairman of the Board for the Kingsville Christian Church. The church was over a hundred years old.

I stood up after services on one of the last Sundays the church was open.

"As the leader of the church I must tell everyone it is time to close the church down. We have ran out of money to keep the church open."

No one said anything and the church was closed. I should have taken a vote but I didn't.

The church had been divided for over a year as our last minister was trying to steal the church and turn it into his own form of religion. I owed it to all the people that founded the church and keep it going for all those years to put an end to the insanity that had taken over our church.

I was a Church Dictator and I'm not proud of that fact. My father had heart trouble at the time and I know the conflict in the church was killing him. My father's life is more important than all the churches in the world. If what I did was a sin then I'll own that sin.

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