Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Bully and the Fishes

I was happy. I liked seeing the fishes on the end of boat dock in the shallow waters. I opened my mind and saw the little blue soul orbs around each of the two inch minnows. I was lying on my belly with my orange !940s Mae West life jacket on. My uncle was watching me on the dock. I was only three years old.

My head was pushed underwater by the big meaty hand of my uncle. My mind couldn't focus and the soul orbs disappeared around the minnows as they darted off. I thought my uncle would let up soon but he didn't. As I passed out from lack of oxygen I thought; "My crazy uncle is killing me."

In the blackness I thought it was a good short life. They were the best parents I had in any lifetime.
I wonder what the next life will be like?

My vision came back from the darkness and my uncle was holding me over the lake water.
I was coughing up water trying to breath.

"Fun wasn't it?"

"Yes uncle."

I didn't want to look at him. His soul was ugly and bleeding hate. I didn't like the colors around him. He would kill someone but not me or my parents.

He put me on the dock and I wiped the water from my face.

"Come on Bobby it is time we got off the dock. We wouldn't want you to fall off and drown."

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