Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking down my Art Show.

I began taking down my Art Show yesterday and decided not to sell anything or do anymore Art Shows in the near future. I still have a dream of my own Imagination Center and this art would play a big part in that. Just an ember of a dream. I must keep moving forward.

I'm going to make a run now to retrieve more of my art. I feel that it's time to push the creative envelope again.


rosalie said...

keep on, keep on!

we aren't made for stagnacy or even taking steps back. what about this dream of your imagination center?? this word does exalt mine (imag.) and makes me curious.

but: for some kind of dreams words aren't made ..
so maybe you let me plunge into your imaginable imagination one day ;)

Robert A Vollrath said...

I am not taking steps back but deciding which of my hundreds of projects to move forward with.

At my age this is a creative natural selection of concepts.

My concept of a Imagination Center is the opposite of a museum. I now believe most museums are places of criminal activity.

A museum is a dead zone of creativity and I want a center than
is created and ran by actors and artists. No elitist allowed.
The public would be part of creating the exhibits and no exhibit would ever be finished.
Just as no living thing is finished
until death, no exhibit would be finished until it no longer works. In other words fix it till its broke and then start over.

I have friends that want me to help them build a museum so nothing is lost going a different direction.

rosalie said...

it doesn't depend on age i think but on direction, personality, ways.. aspriration and .. bla bla (dreams, ideology...)

and your idea is great - because i think there are much more people thinking and feeling like we do even that it takes more than a minimalistic quite and infertile rooms with some less focal points one shall take an eye/ear on.

creativity is downright one kind of opposite of dead- because it means to be alive, expression and to be in contact with the world (in which way ever).

where is your local point on earth? (=in america?)

Robert A Vollrath said...

I live in a little town Kingsville Missouri, U.S.A. near Kansas City Missouri, U.S.A.

The post Dead Point was inspired by your blog and I've decided to start posting edited selections from a book I'm working on on how to set up a imagination center.

It feels like the world is waiting for someone to change how we use our imaginations. I believe there is a child out there that will ignite a new age of imagination.

So I'll be posting more about my future and less about my past.