Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Talent Hack

This is a post is about my last two posts, 'The Return Call' and 'The Phone Call'.

I try not to be negative on this blog and try to be truthful as memory allows but sometimes I fail.
It hurt me to hear from a man that has taken advantage of me, my family and friends.
In his mind I am the one that has done him wrong, more the pity.

I try to be friends to everyone I meet but some people just can't be friends.
Their egos destroy the friendship before it even begins.
Ego is the destroyer of all things.

Do I have the right to call anyone a no talent hack?
Maybe not but I feel I would be lying to say anything else about the mis-director.
If you ignore talent and destroy talent to feed your own ego then you are a no talent hack.

I forgive you Phil and I pity you but I will never work for you again.
Your ego destroyed our friendship.

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