Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rahha Rah Wrahhh

Cordelia Olivia Vollrath, my sweet lovely Grand Daughter. I saw her three times this week on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July and I wish I had been a perfect Grand Father but I wasn't.

On the second of July I was close to being a perfect Grand Father and Cordelia and I had a very good time. I went with my son, daughter-in-law and Cordelia to my favorite Mexican Restaurant. I didn't have enough money from my last movie job to see my Grandson in Minnesota so I decided to take my youngest son and his family out to eat. Cordelia loves to eat rice and keep her father busy keeping her face clean.

On the third of July I had tried to rock Cordelia to sleep and failed letting her slip off my lap and fall to the floor. Her mother picked her up and she was fine. I vowed never to let that happen again.

On the fourth of July my son Micheal brought Cordelia down to visit my parents and I without my Grand Daughter's mother Amanda. I got to see Cordelia's first reaction to seeing and hearing fireworks her father shot off. She's an all American girl and wasn't phased by the flash or the noise. I went inside with Cordelia and she wanted my mother her great grandmother to hold her. My Mother is missing three disks in her spine and can't hold Cordelia anymore.

As I was going to a big 4th of July party five miles west of Kingsville in Strasburg Missouri and needed my leather shoes instead of my canvas shoes. Not wanting my Mother to be temped to pick Cordelia up I took her with me to retrieve my shoes. I sat my Grand Daughter in the middle of my bed thinking I could grab my shoes from under the computer table before she could fall off the bed. What a dumb Grand Father I turned out to be. My beautiful little Grand Daughter fell to the floor hitting her head. I picked up my crying Cordelia and told her how sorry I was.

I took the crying child outside and gave her to her father telling him what happened. As soon has I handed Cordelia to her father she pointed at me with her right arm with the index finger extended and said;

"Rahha Rah Wrahhh".

Which translated from Cordelia-speak means 'Grandpa let me get hurt'.

The rest of the day she said this to many people and even with the gifts of a rocking rocket toy and a packet of glow sticks (Cordelia was proud of having what she thought was her own fireworks) I was not forgiven and Cordelia's last words to me with her little index finger pointing at me were;

"Rahha Rah Wrahhh".

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