Thursday, July 24, 2008

Imagination Coin

You can't take it with you. Money that is. Money is useless in the afterlife.

What can you take with you? A perfect memory of a life imprinted on the universal mind?

I am an Imagination Worshiper. I worship God as pure imagination. The only coin you can spend in afterlife is a coin made out of imagination.

Two realities are all we have. A reality made of nothing and a reality made of imagination.

I remember looking down at my smashed face as my body was covered in blood on that broken bucket seat in my baby blue 1969 Mustang. I was outside my body for a moment. In that moment in 1975 I had no emotion and owned only my piece of nothing. I was my imagination in one way or another.

I hear people talk of peace but so many people just want a quiet war they can ignore.
I know people that recycle but never ask if the recycling in another country affects the health of children there.

If nothing but greed is your reality then nothing is what you will find.

Imagination is reality bond in nothing. Live a life full of imagination and your life will be rich beyond money.


Nardeeisms said...

So profound! And so true! This post left me speechless...and if anyone can do that to me, you'd best be believing that it's gotta be a good post! It has been copied and pasted so as to be revisited again. Thank you Bob! - Nards

Robert A Vollrath said...

This one scared me. Can I write this?
Should I write this? I feel this needs to be said to the greed merchants that sell their greed worldwide.

I'm fighting a war of words with the heartland power brokers. They slander me at their little parties and I tell the truth as best I can on this blog.

Nards, I love your blog so I take your comment as high praise.

Thanks for all your comments.