Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grand Daughter Blues

Cordelia's mother Amanda has gone back to work and while my Grand Daughter is still a happy baby, she's dealing with this new fact of life. My Grand Daughter is now a speed crawler and can stand by herself. She has begun to take her first few steps and is becoming more independent every day. She is going though a shy period and this Grandpa must work a little harder to get the right to hold his beautiful blue eyed Grandchild.

I didn't know I could love anyone this much. My Grandchildren rule my heart now more than any love I could imagine. I know Cordelia better than my Grandson and I get lost looking into her blue gray eyes. I feel so lucky to have lived to see my beautiful blond haired Grandchildren.

I wanted to be the perfect Grandfather and I'm not but there is no perfect and I should be content to be the best Grandfather I can be. I'm a little sad about Cordelia. When her cousin Denver came to visit I didn't realize she was looking to me to find comfort in a new situation.

In the video Becky (Denver's Mother) shot I can see Cordelia leaning back on my fat belly and then laying her head on my chest. I tell her I love her and she starts playing with Denver.
My mother told me this happened several times that day. How could I miss these little magic moments between my Grand Daughter and myself?


Đžidhi S said...

i luved it. and the sweet connection you two share is amazing. i cant say i cn understand but yeah i feel d same for my nephew. It seems so amazing to have someone to be responsible for, n to see him growing and his acts - i get so angry i yell on him bt still his smile or sm odr thing makes me forget all abt it... he's too smart for a 2 yr old.. haha.. he senses the mood nd acts accordingly.. lol.. we get so amazed.. smtimes.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Children make us all better people and Grandchildren bring out the best in us.