Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gun Bully

I was all of 14 years visiting my cousins in Grandview Missouri when my older cousin Jimmy Jr. asked me to come upstairs to show me something in his parent's bedroom. I followed him upstairs and when I came to the doorway he pulled a gun out of a dresser, pointed it at me and pulled the trigger.


The gun was empty but I jumped with fear. I had a heart murmur in my early teens that I inherited from my mother. The Doctors said I would outgrow it but at that moment it felt like my chest would exploded. My heart was wildly beating out of sync. It had never been that bad before or since. If I couldn't my heart under control I would pass out. I used a trick I taught myself when I was a little boy. I blanked out everything but me from reality (I can edit reality but that's another story). I slowed my heart down and put it in a good rhythm. I was standing in a pitch black void and before reality faded back in I heard his cruel laughter.

He stood by the dresser with the gun at his side bent over with laughter. He pointed at me with his left hand and laughed harder. I wanted to walk over to him and punch him in the nose but I didn't. I was pacifist at that point in my life and would take a beating before I would hit back.

I went down stairs and asked my parents if we could go. It was a couple of weeks later that I told them what happened. Jimmy Jr. would take great fun at pointing unloaded guns at me and my mother in the years that followed. Why the rest of my family did nothing about this is beyond me. I threated to hit him once when he loaded and unloaded a gun in front of my mother and pull the trigger while the barrel was pointed at her.


That gun was empty too. He just laughed at me. He knew I wasn't a fighter.

One day while his parents were gone he was playing quick draw with a loaded gun and accidentally shot his mother's china cabinet. He's a Federal Marshal now.

Now I have to stop the story here and tell you I believe in minimalistic revenge. A Eyelash for a Eye. I'm about to take minimalistic revenge on you Jimmy Jr. with one question.


Shot any china cabinets lately?


Toxiferous said...

It's great to see a new bully story! I could easily see this story taking a different turn and ending in real tragedy. Let's hope the kids who play around with (or are allowed to play around with) guns as kids eventually grow into responsible human beings who don't have to suffer the sort of heartache they're inviting.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Toxiferous

Bully Stories are the hardest for me to write as I feel like a coward when I write these stories.

I have hundreds of bully stories I want to write. I think a collection of these stories may even make a good book.

I think the bully stories could even help kids deal with bullies.

I thank God Jimmy Jr. didn't shot my mother or me by mistake. Both my mother and I have a fear of guns.

I guess thats why he picked on us.