Saturday, July 12, 2008

Death of a City

It was the worst painting Mike had ever seen. It was perfect and he would make it famous.
Talent had long gone out of style and money served with lies was the food of the rich.

Sell junk and call it great. The age of lies had cast a shadow over the world and Mike's family was a master of lies. A rich banking family that had the power to bribe judges and bend the law to his will. What was the joke that artist fool told about him?

"Mike walked out of the shallow end of the gene pool of his family."

He was fired from that museum job because of that artist fool's meddling.

What did the fool say in his blog?

"The creative life of the city had been strangled by the spoiled rich and the city was dead."

Mike thought;

" its not what you know but what you know that you can get away with."

The fool probably thought art was about talent and hard work.


rosalie said...

being in possession of a creative mind means to me doing very hard work every day, every minute but precisely not in the way people think hard work shall or should look like.

do you think one day our mind will look so wrinkled and worn-out like the ones of those who don't believe or even have switched thinking off?

i think so- of course it will- but: we/it will shine and sparkle ;)

Robert A Vollrath said...

Mike in the story is based on a real man that tried to have me arrested by lying and saying I attacked him.

Our brains will wear out but I believe our minds are bound to our souls by creativity.

The hardest working people I know are artists and the lazy are all in positions of power.

Shine and sparkle, I like that.

kaslkaos said...

You have a fascinating blog but it's too soon after breakfast and not enough coffee to fully appreciate your sly humour. I'll just have to come back again and again.
I'll agree completely with who's doing all the hard work and who's getting a free ride, though!
And I much like the painting.

Laila Hussein said...

"The hardest working people I know are artists and the lazy are all in positions of power."
How true! Very well said...

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Kaslkaos

Your blog got me drawing and painting again. Thanks for the comment and I love the drawings on your blog.

To Laila Hussein

I have two friends that have a traveling art and science museum.
I wrote Death of a City after a Museum Curator of a Art Center was caught trying to steal a painting from their show.

Last night my computer was hacked and it took me six hours to fix it.
My family has begged me to stop writing about the criminal elite but I feel someone must tell the truth about Legacy Crimes.