Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little League Bully

I can't remember the name of the Little League Bully, lets call him John.

I was in my last year of playing in Little League Baseball and John was half way through the process.

My age group had just finished practice and John's age was going to start practice in a few minutes.

I was hanging around the ball park waiting for traffic to die down before I rode my bike the mile and a half back to town. The Pee Wee players had been dropped off early that day and while the adults were sorting equipment John walked over to the Pee Wee players and started knocking them to the ground out of pure mean fun.

I got off my bike and walked over to John. John had his back to me and had picked up a little kid by his shirt. I tapped John on the shoulder.

"Quit picking on these little kids."

John sat the little kid down and turned around to face me.


Before he could say anything I picked him up by his shirt and spoke to him.

"If I ever see you pick on these kids again I'll beat you to a bloody pulp!"

I threw John to the ground. I walked over to my bike and rode home and never thought about what happened for years.

I was 17 and just got my drivers license and had started dating. I thought my days of facing bullies was behind me but my so called friends at school told me that John wanted to fight me.

"John who?"

"The guy you beat up in Little League Baseball."

"I never beat up anyone in .... Oh, I did knock this kid down to the ground for picking on the Pee Wee players. He's holding a grudge because of that?"

"He says you're the only person he backed down from and he's going to kick your butt now that he's old enough to beat you in a fair fight."

"This is real silly. Tell him I don't care."

The next day a group of so called friends came and told me he called me a coward.

"Fine, I'm a coward, its over with."

The next day a larger group of so called friends told me I was making him angry and making fun of him. That if I didn't come downtown that night to fight him he would come after me.

"Fine. I'm glad I'm making him angry and I am making fun of his fool's pride. He knows where I live and my number is in the book. Tell the coward that picks on little kids I'm not scared of him and if he wants to fight me that he needs to give me a call."

He never called me.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thought you'd like to know Ive added you to my list of blogs to receive the BRILLANTE AWARD. Take a peep at my today's post for action.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Joan.

I've got so much joy out of blogging that I felt that was my award.

I admire your work as a artist so much that I got a real kick out of the award.