Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Endangered Truth Endangered?

Lying is easy but telling the truth is hard. I want to write about hard truths in this blog but does anyone want to read that? Do I really care if a lot of people read this blog. I think I'm writing this blog for my Sons and Grand Children but in truth am I writing these words to feed my own ego?
Does any of this matter? I think I want to give up being a visual artist and put all my energy into writing.

I'll still do art as a hobby but I won't try to make a living at it anymore. I can't spell and I have a limited vocabulary but I feel I'm a born story teller. What happens when I stop thinking of my self as an artist and begin thinking of myself as a writer?

I can't lie to myself anymore, I only feel alive when I write. My art is forced now.
I'm only going to do concept art for my stories and let a better artist put visuals to my words.


Toxiferous said...

Your art and writing are both excellent.If writing is what you feel like doing then I'll definitely be looking forward to some more stories from the master storyteller if you feel like sharing some of them here!:)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Toxiferous

Thanks for the positive comments.

From a very early age of three or four years old I've thought of myself as an artist but the fact is with my health problems (weak lungs)I feel staying away from paint fumes is the smart move.

I'm still going to do art but it won't be my main focus anymore.
I feel taking my real life adventures and turning them into a series of children's books and fantasy novels seems to be where my heart is taking me.

I've been thinking about writing a novel for years but only when I started thinking of myself as a writer and not an artist did I begin to write a novel based on my short story The Smile.

Steph said...

There's nothing wrong with switching gears every so often when you get the urge. Besides, there's a growing market for stories with concept art to accompany them.

And speaking thus, I found your blog on and I wanted to let you know about a new e-zine that me and a few writer friends are putting together.

It's called The Oddville Press.

You should check us out if you're interested (it's free to subscribe, hey!). Or better yet, you could submit something!

Thanks a bunch, and good luck, whatever you decide to do. :)

earth heart said...

I always look forward to your stories. They are wonderful and you are a great story teller.

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Steph and Earth Heart

Thanks for the positive comments.
I'll check out Oddville Press.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

We must go where our heart takes us - you certainly have the storytelling talent deeply inbedded there. Look forward to reading all you write - even buying them from bookshops when you are printed by that high class publishers who will take you on as one of their most talented writers.

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Joan

You are the kind of artist I always wanted to be but I'm going a very different direction with my life.

Early this morning I found out what I suspected was true. I have altered the river of politics in the heart of America and the power players are still talking about it.

I did this with truth and imagination. Yesterday I was told there is a good chance I will be paid to write a movie that will expose an endangered truth.

Some day I will return to my art but in the here and now I am a writer.