Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walking with Denver

My Grandson Denver seen here before he grew all his beautiful blond hair.

How did I turn into the goofy Grandfather?
I guess I was a goofy father so nothing has really changed.

"Dad what are you doing?"

Denver was sitting on his Great Grandmother's lap holding a piece of gray yarn in his hands.
Ten feet away I held the other end of the yarn to my mouth and was laying on the floor moving my legs up and down.

"I'm a fish and Denver's reeling me in."

"You're trying too hard Dad. Why don't you take Denver for a walk outside."

"I can do that?"

"Sure he'll love it. Just take him around the house a few times so he can get use to you and then you can take him on a long walk."

Mark and Becky, Denver's parents were exhausted from their first long vacation trip with Denver to Colorado and yes they went to his namesake. Mark went to his Grandfather's bedroom to sleep and Becky was trying to sleep in the living room recliner.

I keep walking Denver around the house and each trip got a little longer. Denver looked at me like he knew I was his Grandfather and not some man he had seen only four times in his life.
He never cried for his parents and finally I took him on a long walk around the little town of Kingsville. A block away I showed him a beautiful garden by the sidewalk. Denver smiled and licked the side of my face.

"Well Grandson that was different. I love you too."

I showed Denver trees that I had climbed and we walked the sidewalk where the bully Little D had tried to beat me up.

"Don't worry Denver I'll protect you from Little D."

I showed him the grade school that his Grandfather, Father and Uncle Mike had gone to when we were children. As we walked home he fell asleep in my arms and my heart filled with love as I looked at his yellow hair in the sunlight.


jalynn5977 said...

Glad you had fun with little Denver he is such a joy . and has a cute little grin we are very blessed to have 2 wonderful sons and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Enjoy them all .
the ex jackie

Robert A Vollrath said...

I had a great time with both Grandchildren and will be writing a few more posts about this last visit.