Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fishing with Grandfather Vollrath

I followed my cousin Monroe and Grandfather Vollrath to the fishing pond across the gravel road to the other half of his farm. This is the past and I miss them both. Both died too soon.

I follow my son Mark and his son Denver to another fishing spot. I am Grandfather Vollrath now and I'm carrying cane fishing poles. This is the future. I must live to make it come true.

Grandfather Vollrath, Monroe and I are fishing with cane poles. We capture grasshoppers near the pond for our bait. This is a happy memory but I can't recall if we caught any fish. It doesn't matter.

I am with my son Mark and grandson Denver in the future. It doesn't matter if we catch anything just as long as Denver has this memory of me. Someday he too might be a Grandfather Vollrath.

Next Post; The Vision


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a lovely way to express continuity of the family... and how your words compress that thing we call 'time'.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Joan

I'm having trouble finishing the post I'm working on now so your comment on this post was needed.

The next three posts are about seeing the future. Is it possible?

The Vision
The Fire
The Building

All three stories are true. All these stories happened to me.

My ex-wife Jackie Goss asked why I didn't write about my most powerful vision that she was told about before the event happened.

The answer is shame.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh! I cant wait.

Toxiferous said...

Having gone fishing tons of times with my dad as a kid and having memories about camping and fishing being some of my strongest, happiest memories I do love to hear about fishing stories whether they're from the past, present or future. I really hope you get to experience this one!

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Joan

I have posted 'The Vision' as you can see and October will see a lot of posts from my own personal X-file.

To Toxiferous

I stopped fishing years ago when the local newspapers reported toxic waste was dumped in the local streams and ponds. I look forward to fishing again when my grandchildren turn five but not in the area where I now live.

Toxiferous said...

Ugh, pollution. I really can't stand illegal (and unfortunately sometimes legal) dumping and improper disposal of toxic waste and environmentally damaging materials. I hope you enjoy fishing with your grandchildren in a few years in a place that's nice, clean and free of waste! I'm glad that there are still some places like that out there. :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Toxiferous

I've been letting the readers of this blog decide the direction of what I write. This last comment of yours will inspire two posts this month.

Toxic Barrels
Death of a Stream

These two posts will show how a family faced the destruction of nature by pollution.

Toxiferous said...

Letting your readers choose the direction of your writing is an interesting idea and I'm looking forward to seeing the results!