Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wizard Club

My marriage had ended and my sons were men so after many years I began dating again.

I'm not a ladies man as any woman that I've dated will tell you. I had dated some younger women but felt like a fool doing so. I began dating women my age or a little older and this seemed to work for me. I won't name the woman that I was dating that introduced me to the Wizard Club. She had a stronger sense of the spiritual world than I did. I was lost in impossible visions and a soul vision I could control only part of the time. I was in pain from tearing myself from paradise.

I wanted the sweet embrace of death and would sometime pray to God to give me that but God had other plans for me. The Wizard Club was a rest stop along my inner journey to inner peace I had found and lost. I can't remember the names of any of the would be wizards I meet there.
Even if I knew the names of the members of the Wizard Club I wouldn't tell you here.

I began doing the spirit drawings at this club for those that would create real magic.
This drawing of a middle age modern wizard looks a little like Harry Potter.

I was tempted to add a scare to his forehead.


Lottery Girl said...

Beautiful drawing and evocative post!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Lottery Girl

I tried to find answers to my own spiritual journey with this group but found only company in seeking answers.

I think all my spirit drawings were done at those wizard meetings.

Nardeeisms said...

Done in true Vollrath fashion. That's why I come by....-Nards

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Nards

I'm going to do another Wizard Club post before the end of the month.