Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thinking without Words

Writing is becoming very hard of late because as a earlier post stated I'm rewiring my brain.

This post is about trying to fix my brain with imaginary balls of colored energy but I also want to write about thinking without words. I believe the two things are related.

I've gone over five days without a twitch in my face or left arm. This is a miracle to me as at one time I didn't believe I could go a day without having a big seizure after my car wreck.

The car wreck happened in 1975 but as late as 2002 I would have times when I couldn't remember my name or anything else. I would be thinking in pure emotion. Strange and confusing to say the least these few minutes of my life opened a doorway to heal my own mind.

Without the distraction of words you can focus all of your creative energy into a force of nature.
In this wordless realm I threw balls of colored energy at my broken mind and fixed a part of it I didn't think could be fixed.

The woman I'm dating now and I, Half Speak to each other. I don't know what this is or how it works. It's weird in the extreme and goes to the top of my personal X-files list. If Patty and I didn't Half Speak to each other I wouldn't have found a way to fix the part of my mind that caused me the most pain.

Half Speaking isn't finishing the other person's sentence. Half Speaking in not finishing the other person's sentence and knowing what is meant. Soon you have a conversation full of half sentences that don't make any sense to anyone listening to you and your partner in Half Speaking. Why do these half conversations make any sense to Patty and I? I don't know.

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