Thursday, September 4, 2008

Always say Goodbye

My mother was angry at my Grandfather English for leaving without saying goodbye. I guess this happened in the late 1940's or early 1950's. He had just learned to type and gave her this note.

She carries it with her in her purse to remember his love for her.

I forgot to say goodbye to my Grand Daughter. No, that's not true. I thought I didn't need to say goodbye to my Grand Daughter.

Her mother was changing her diaper in the back room and I just left.

When I got home the phone rang.

"Dad, you didn't say goodbye to Cordelia and she has been crying and looking for you for three hours! Talk to her on the phone. She won't go to sleep and you've broke her little heart. She wanted to play with you."

"Cordelia, Grandpa is sorry. I love you."

"Rhhaahh Rha Rhhhhaaaaah!"

"Please forgive me Cordelia."

"Ahhh Ah Ahhh Rhaa."

Mike my son comes back on the phone.

"I think she'll go to sleep now but is she angry with you!"

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