Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Terror of the Toy Robots

I was dreaming about toy robots. I was trying to build giant robots based on the toy robots of my childhood but something was wrong. The people I was building these giant toy robots for were going to use them for evil. So I left their factory and I moved to the desert.

In the desert I painted landscapes in oil paints. I was happy until one day the giant toy robots came to my beautiful desert. The giant toy robots were laying asphalt over the desert.

I put my paintbrush down and picked up a slingshot from my easel. I held the slingshot in my left hand and opened my empty right hand. From my imagination I projected balls of energy the size of golf balls into my right hand. I fired the energy balls at the giant toy robots. They all fell in a great heap of broken machinery and asphalt. When I was done and there was no more giant toy robots to fell with my slingshot I began to paint a picture of toy robot mountain in the morning light.

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