Monday, September 15, 2008

The Rant

Lies. A world built on lies. All my words are lies because I can't capture the truth, my truth and your truth in words. All words, all books are lies twisted out of a reality beyond the words built from the imaginations of others.

Can you capture my value or any one's value by a mathematical equation? No you can't and nor should you. With numbers you can tell larger lies that approach the infinite.

So where do you find the truth? In a moment of love beyond the infinite and less than the smallest quota of the finite. Is love only a word? We all know better than that.

To love everything, the good along with the evil and know everything as a living thing that you are part of is the greatest of all loves. I have been given many gifts in a magical life that becomes more magical each day.

What of magic, is it real? No it is only a beautiful lie we tell ourselves because we can't see the truth. No magic words cast in spells can be found in this or any other reality.

This post was inspired by the blog Nardeeisms and the post in that blog; Song of the day:
In a New York Minute-Don Henley


Lottery Girl said...

I keep thinking about your post from a couple of days ago where I asked you about your quote, "Words are all lies."

And you explained what you meant, and then I understood what you were saying. But still, I think about it.

I am a voracious reader. Every now and again, I will read a passage in a book and think, "This is outstanding writing." And when I think this, it is always for the same reason: because that particular passage makes me say: "Yes, this is true in my own life."

I have studied and studied what makes great writing, and I have concluded that it has nothing to do with sentence structure, rules about adjectives or adverbs, great descriptions, etc. Rather, great writing for me is when I as a reader come to the writing and find something I know to be true in my own life.

Also, I have a catch-phrase that I find so very relevant in every interaction with others: Perception is reality. Perhaps a person has expressed himself perfectly in his own eyes, but when someone else comes to his words, they interpret the words according to their own life experiences.

At any rate, thanks for making me think.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I think you can tell a truth with words but not the truth with words.
We humans have a limited view of reality and can't capture the truth of things in any art form.

I think being honest in writing is more important than trying to tell the truth we can't capture.

Thanks for the comments they made me think.

Toxiferous said...

This post is particularly thought provoking for me today in light of some changes that are going on in my life.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Nice to get a comment from you as I'm behind in my writing from illness. Your blog always makes me smile.