Friday, September 26, 2008

Grand Daughter Versus Grandpa

"In this corner weighing 250 pounds is the Champion Baby Wrestler of the Vollrath Family, Grandpa Vollrath!"

All the talking Elmo toys in the little house goes wild!

Then the Imaginary Announcer points to a little girl in the opposite corner of the house.

"In this corner weighing under 30 pounds is the Challenger Cordelia (The Cookie Monster) Vollrath!"

Not just the Elmos but all the toys go wild for their favorite little girl.

Grandpa ponders this for a moment;"Home court advantage, I didn't think of that. I must be careful, you never know when a favorite toy will jump in and try to rig the match."

The two titans of family love come to the center of the house. A big furry frog chair is the Ref.

"First no eye gouging and that means you Cordelia! I saw that scar on your mother's eyelid."

Cordelia gives the Frog Chair Ref her most innocent look.

"Second Grandpa, no silly faces, bad jokes or weird noises."

With that said Grandpa knew this wasn't any ordinary Furry Frog Chair Ref.

"Now I want some nice clean silly whatever this is."

Cordelia started the match with a hug and a giggle. Grandpa went for a belly tickle but got his hat stolen before he could complete the move. Cordelia ran off with the hat on wobbly legs.

Grandpa faked super sadness for the lost hat and fell on the floor. Cordelia sat on Grandpa's head and the match was over. Cordelia was the winner and the toys of the house sang with joy.

Grandpa was a good loser as he had been Champion Baby Wrestler of the Vollrath family from the time his sons were little and that was a long time. He was just glad Cordelia didn't have a dirty diaper.

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