Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Green Dream

I'm a protectionist as was Abraham Lincoln.

I know next to nothing about the world of finance.

I do know that rich spoiled brats are running the world and haven't a clue how to fix the mess they created. They have built an empire of false knowledge in oceans of arrogance. They let the children of the Earth breath polluted air from the greed that owns their souls. They want a world of wage-slaves (low income workers) and sign up-slaves (volunteers that do work they should be paid) while their lust for power and money knows no bounds.

I believe in unions. They are corrupt imaginary constructions but they are less corrupt than the corporate imaginary constructions.

I believe in green technology. The polluted air is slowly killing me. I don't care about myself as much as I care about all the children of the world.

I believe in the Blue Green Dream.


rosalie said...

everyone seems to just think about his own comfort.. this is making me sad as i said.

i really can recommend this movie cause of it shows another way to deal with this nearly not to appraise thing overcoming us. the trailer isn't that good but the film itself was some kind of good.

take care :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Rosalie

I have seen the 11th Hour and hundreds of other environmental movies. Better than watching a movie about the environment, I am working on a feature length movie about the environment. All the money I've made this year is from working as a co-director on that movie.

In the past I've had a death threat indirectly from the Meat Packing Industry when I was in the planning stage on a movie about food safety.

Many of my movie making stories can never be told and I feel like I'm in a war of ethics with people that have none.