Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Late Night Shopping

I was at my youngest son's house on a Friday night just before he was to go off to work.
My son Micheal is a male nurse working with the mentally challenged in group homes.

My daughter-in-law was becoming nervous as Micheal was getting ready to leave and said she needed to go shopping. I volunteered to be Amanda's and Cordelia's bodyguard for this late night shopping for the essentials. Amanda drove since the world looks like a broken mirror to me at night.

I love shopping with my daughter-in-law and that little bundle of joy that is my grand daughter.
Of course I take turns pushing the shopping cart and then there is the game of where is grandpa.
This time I even showed Cordelia I know how to juggle.

As we were leaving the store Amanda gave me a wonderful compliment;

"You make the ordinary, extraordinary."


Toxiferous said...

I really miss late night shopping. It really can be a wonderful experience when you have good company, isn't it?

Robert A Vollrath said...

I hadn't done late night shopping in years. Very different vibe with the other shoppers. People seem less rude late at night.