Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grand Daughter Takes the Anger Away

Two dogs keep in a tiny pen, that were neglected and under feed got lose in my small town of Kingsville on Friday October 5, 2012 at night and attacked every dog and cat in town that they made contact with. The two dogs tried to kill "Panda" a small black and white dog that belongs to my son Micheal.

My youngest son was at work at the time when my daughter-in-law Amanda was letting the dogs out when the two neglected dogs attacked our family pet. Amanda is with child. My third grandchild.

As the two dogs tear at Panda and slam him into the ground, Amanda must get her small family pet away from the two Boxer mix dogs. A short time later I hear my daughter-in-law come in the front door of my parent's house. "Where's Robert ? I need Robert." My mother comes to the computer room as I am already in the hallway. "Oh Bobby, Amanda needs your help!"

I walk into the living room and see Amanda with the small frighten dog. Panda is covered in dog drool.
I look the dog over but can't find any wounds. I think about rabies as I turn the small dog over in my hands.

The next day Amanda takes Panda to an Animal Hospital and a Vet finds a long gash on the dog's back that both Amanda and I missed.

Yesterday, October 6th, I was angry most of the day. Not at the neglected dogs but at the owner of the dogs. I was angry at the town leaders for letting animals run wild in town and doing nothing when dangerous dogs get lose and attack family ( a cat was attacked next door and two dogs down the street)

I'm angry at the Johnson County Missouri Police who do as little as possible for the town of Kingsville.
I'm angry until my grand daughter comes back home from a visit with her cousin and the two of us make this video. She tells me not to be angry:)

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