Thursday, August 7, 2008

She's a Walker

Yesterday my little Queen of Dreams was 11 months old and she began to show off her walking skills. Having a grand daughter is the most wonderful thing in the world, only to be equaled by having a grand son (I'm not leaving you out Denver).

The day started out with seeing my friends and my favorite artists James and Jessa of Project Insect fame. I helped them unload some of their large paintings and just hung out for a while at Powell Gardens, Festival of Butterflies near my hometown of Kingsville.

I then headed up to see my Son and Grand Daughter in Independence Mo. I wasn't at my son's house more than ten minutes when Cordelia began standing on her own and walking everywhere in the house. I had seen her stand and take a few steps but this was my little sweetheart crossing into her toddler stage. When her mother came home she began to really show off.

After she walked to her mother several times she even walked to her grandfather. I hadn't seen Cordelia in weeks because of my bout with the flu and was afraid Cordelia wouldn't remember me but she couldn't have been sweeter to her grandfather. Letting me carry her around in the store when her parents and I went shopping, giving me hugs and playing a world class game of peek a boo.

Later after we got back to the house her grandmother Rosie came over and I meet Patty Maimer a friend of Rosie. Both Patty and I have a love for history, museums and quirky small town road trips so I got her phone number.

As close to a perfect day as I've had in a long time.


rosalie said...

children are just magic: they are so honest and (esp. at this age) untouched by all the countless negativities that will be part of their life on day..

i don't have my own children by now but i'm looking forward to having some later, see them growing up and share all kind of experience with them.

you can be happy (and i'm glad about) to have some of these little dwarves as your grandchildren.

earth heart said...

Grand children are the best, no doubt about it! She's a sweetie! I'm so glad you had a great day and hope there's plenty more of those in store.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm still tired from spending the day with Cordelia but I couldn't imagine how much I would love my grandchildren.

I love my sons but got so tired after the divorce as being the one in my family of always saying no.

As a grandfather I get to say yes more than no. This makes this job a lot more fun.

So many of the problems of being a parent are gone and you have the pure joy of the boundless imaginations of your grandchildren.

Being a parent is great but being a grandparent is the best thing that ever happen to me.

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Earth Heart

I feel my life is making a turn for the best. I think I was trying to be a perfect grandfather and now I'm just being me. Cordelia and Denver will love me the way I am and I'll love them the way they are.

All as it should be.

earth heart said...

After the birth of my first grand child and spending a lot of time with her I could only describe grand parenting as redemptive in a way. A lot of people don't get it when I say that. When my children were young the concerns of life overshadowed my enjoyment of parenting. As a grand parent, it's all about the joy and love. Who knew? :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Earth Heart

Being a parent is the hardest thing I've ever done. Being a grandparent is like a reward for being a parent.

I think being redemptive is a good way to put it.