Friday, August 15, 2008

Doorknobs and Romance

I have been in love three times this year with three different women. How silly is that?

The first woman liked to yell at me. I don't like to be yelled at.

The second woman wanted to talk all the time and tell me what to do. I like to talk too but sometimes its good to be quiet. I don't want to tell anyone what to do.

The woman I'm dating now. I just fell in love. I didn't know how lonely I was. I didn't know I would meet someone who was tore from paradise as I was. I never had anyone to talk about all the weird things that happened to me after the car wreck. I just kept most of it inside and people would get mad at me when I couldn't remember things and call me stupid or retarded. She understands all this. When I saw visions of the future and tried to warn people they wouldn't listen or just say I was crazy.

She has been in that place between life and death as I was. I was there two hours and she was there two years. I love her as a friend and that is enough for now.

I've decided to tell the truth about the first date and the huge mistake I made. I don't have a sense of smell. I lost most of my sense of smell in my car wreak and the rest in the operation to repair my nose. I smell with the back of my throat. I hadn't been on a date all summer and I truly wanted to make a good impression on this first date.

I was told she liked everything about me except one thing. I smelled bad. I have apologized but the thing I hate most about this is I've been lying to people for years about being able to smell with my nose. When people ask me to smell something I pretend to sniff with my nose and slightly open my mouth and suck the air to the back of my throat. I then guess what the smell is.

Well that's half the equation of my Pepe LaPue date. I can't regulate my body temperature. I don't know if its hot or could most of the time. When I do sweat it all comes out my feet and it stinks in a way like no other.

The date began with us looking at her doorknob collection and we went to a museum with a huge doorknob collection. I use to collect doorknobs and we seemed to both have a quirky fun time.

I've decided to save some of the funny quirky details for a novel.

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