Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I only used it once and it was pure evil.

I worked at a evil place that had an evil contest to name an evil machine that taught children nothing. I decided to enter the contest using the most evil thing I owned.
In my mind I unwrapped the evil stupid called Anti-Imagination.

"Robert are you entering the contest?"

Said a fellow Tech Ops co-worker.

"Yes I am and there is no point to the rest of you entering this contest for I'm going to win it."

"So your name for the exhibit is that good?"

"No, its the worst possible name I could come up with."

The Water Exhibit was on the second floor of the science museum. It was the size of a pool table and the water ran down at a angle in this open box exhibit. A pump recycled the water from bottom to top. At the top pool of water the children could take plastic squares of plastic and place the dividers into grooves to create channels of water. The children then floated little boats down the exhibit.

"You're joking Robert. You have a great imagination."

"I'm not using my Imagination. I'm using Anti-Imagination.
I'm naming the exhibit the Water Maze."

All the Exhibit Techs looked at me as if I was insane. A few at the morning meeting laughed.

"Robert that's the lamest name, you can't summit that. You're known for having a great imagination."

"We live in the age of the No-Talents and great imaginations are out of step with the times.
You'll see I'm right when I win."

The three headed monster came into the meeting room. I'd like to say our three managers were named Larry, Moe and Curly but our managers weren't that smart. We all handed our contest entries in. No one told the three headed monster about my little joke on upper management.

It was time to put the icing on the cake on this over the top practical joke. I made an excuse to go talk to someone in upper management. I told a person in management my name for the exhibit making sure it was over heard by many in the office. I knew I would have a tie with someone in management then.

The day came to name the winner of the contest.

"We have a tie as two entries were the same name!"

Said the Corporate Cow-town Clown.

I can't remember the name of the manager that tied with me but I do remember how loud and long all people in my department laughed. The management looked shocked but I didn't laugh.
I didn't smile and I wasn't happy for I wanted to be wrong. How far has the world fallen?

The management had a meeting about my little joke and they decided never to put the name Water Maze on the exhibit. I had made them look like fools but I had only reduced myself to their level. Perhaps I was even worst than they were because I had an imagination and chose not to use it.

Within the magic of my own mind I wrapped the Stupid Evil that was Anti-Imagination and threw it into the super nova of my mind's eye. It burned into the nothing of wasted thoughts and I vowed never to recreate the stuff of evil again.

Too many people were using Anti- Imagination and I couldn't be one of them.

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