Monday, August 25, 2008

Rewiring my Brain

I'm having trouble writing because I'm rewiring my brain.

I want my sense of smell back.

I want to be able to tell if its hot or cold.

I want to stop my left arm and the left side of my face from twitching when I'm tired.

I've been rewiring my brain for many years now. Years ago I thought I would lose my drivers license if the world knew how bad my mind was but then I found I could do things with my mind other people couldn't do. For everything I lost I was given gifts beyond all the riches of the world.

After my car wreak my immune system crashed and hundreds of warts appeared on my hands and feet. After gallons of wart remover I went to a hand surgeon to have the last 30 warts on my hands removed. The first visit I had my left taken care of and by the end of that visit I could feel the doctor cutting the warts out. I didn't feel pain but I could feel the knife. On the second visit I could feel the pain and the surgeon had to deaden my hand again. I didn't want to go through that again when all my warts came back.

My mother told about wart wishing. Rub the wart as hard as you can and forget about it. Don't look at your hand for a week. It's a mind trick but if you believe, it will work. I've also used prayer to make warts disappear and self hypnosis.

After the accident I began to see colors around living things again and could tell what kind of person someone was by their soul color. This became overwhelming to me as a adult just like it was to me as a small child. I have blocked this ability except when I'm going to date someone.
The last time I opened my mind to seeing the soul color the ability was completely gone.

The Broken Mirror Universe is what I call my vision after the car wreck. Imagine looking at the world in the reflection of a broken fun house mirror and you get some idea what seeing was like for me. After years of trying to fix my vision and being careful not to let anyone know how bad my sight was I read an article in a medical journal about how wearing blue glasses could fix vision distortion in people with head injuries. For six months I wore blue glasses and it worked.

I'm 50 years old and still don't wear glasses as I keep upgrading my software. A little trick I learned when I was trying to fix my vision distortion. I had arguments with many a doctor on what was possible to do with the human brain. Science has proved me correct and all those doctors that told me I was wrong to be wrong themselves.

"I growing new brain cells doctor. I can feel it."

"That's not possible. You're too old to grow new brain cells."

You can teach an old brain new tricks. I'm living proof of that.

My sense of smell is no better.

My sense of hot and cold is no better.

I have made progress on my face twitching. My left arm and left side of my face has stopped twitching but now I have a small twitch in my right arm. Still, I think this is progress.


Désirée said...

Sounds like an awful experience...

Jessa said...

Dearest Robert-
Forget the brain! You are the keeper of the cosmic crayon for God's sake! You have all the magic you need as long as one of your limbs can move and your child-like smile can reveal greatness of mankind.......we love you and are thankful for you.
Beyond that, we see your brain as a mere road block. Greatness is breathing while inspiring others to breathe!:o)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Desiree and Jessa

This is something new on this blog, getting comments before the post is done.

Desiree, it was awful and wonderful at the same time.

Jessa, I would not be the keeper of the cosmic crayon without the ability to rewire my brain.

This post is for people with head injury that didn't get the help they needed.