Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cookie

My favorite thing to do for fun is to see my son Micheal and grand daughter Cordelia and go out to eat. This doesn't happen often enough for me but seeing three links in the chain of life that I'm part of always warms my heart. I just got payed for some video work and got an advance on building a very complex puppet. My son took pity on my long term finances and took me to a cheap Chinese Restaurant. The meal would be under twenty dollars and my granddaughter loves rice and noodles.

The waitresses worried that Dad and Grandpa didn't know how to take care of the beautiful baby girl and keep coming to our table to make sure we keep Cordelia clean. When the meal was done I carried Cordelia back to the car. I set her in her car seat and buckled her in. When ever I can I sit in the back seat with Cordelia and play Peek-a-Boo or our new game, Where's Grandpa's Hat.

I had two Chinese Fortune Cookies in my shirt pocket and I took them out to lay by the car seat.
Cordelia saw the cookies and began to scream.

"Sweetheart, these are hard sugar cookies. You won't like these cookies."

Cordelia didn't listen to grandpa and demanded I give her a cookie in a language all her own.

"Here's half of one cookie but you won't like it."

Cordelia grabbed the cookie from my hand and began to work on it with her six teeth. In a few moments the cookie was gone.

"Mike, I know now why you nicked named her the Cookie Monster."

My son Micheal laughed as he drove us back to his house.

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