Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How does your Imagination Garden Grow?

What is imagination? A chemical reaction to the food we eat or a spiritual journey to the core of the soul. Is playing in the negative imagination a release valve for our pent up aggressions or the beginning of real life criminal activity?

I am a imagination worshiper. I worship the universal intelligent by creative acts. I don't believe in telling anyone how to worship as we all live under cultural truths. This is simply what works for me. There is nothing better than to bring joy into the world with your creativity.

What happens when our imaginations are used as a celebration of evil? Harmless fun or a road to hell when viewed by other minds? I liked the movie The Road Warrior starring Mel Gibson but it spawned a real civil war in Liberia the failed West African colony of the United States founded by freed slaves. Trucks were turned into Road Warrior style assault vehicles and the warring factions wore costumes in the style of the movie. In front of the American Embassy real life crimes against humanity was played out.

Stephen King's first novel Rage inspired all the school shootings that followed. I believe artists do have a responsibility for their art. I don't how far that responsibility should go or if we should censor art in any way but we should be careful what we create.

I have hurt people with my art and have caused great emotional pain with the fruit of my imagination. I have learned better.

What of truth? How much of our truth is bound by our imagination? Do I have the right to speak or write the truth as I believe it to be? My Museum Tales are about Science City, Union Station Kansas City Missouri and from now on I will be using real names and the full names of the people in the story. I did not want to do this but when you try to steal my freedom of speech from me, you leave me no choice.

I am not scared of elitist cowards that live off their grandparent's wealth and have never known an honest days work in their life. Use your imaginations and not your power and wealth.

How does my Imagination Garden grow? Not very well right now. This blog is my Imagination Garden and my writing is weak and my ego needs weeding but I'm trying to do better.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How can you have such little self worth when your written word opens the heart and makes us step outside our own little world. I laughed at the opening paragraph but then felt heartbreak at the negativity and anger in the world you so describe with feeling.

Ely'sa Castro said...

Thank you very much and also for his visit, his work is very interesting. Thank you! Regards! And excuse but I do not have a good use of his language;)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Joan

I write from the heart. I have been blessed with an imagination without limits but when I'm attacked I let my ego rule my mind and I become less than I should be. I know I have value to the world but I have played mind games with bullies for years and when you fight evil, you become a little evil. Please don't feel heartbreak for me as I'm entering the best part of this life of mine.

I have tried to be honest in this blog and that is sometimes negative and angry. When you have rich and powerful enemies you can become bitter but its better to become enlighten. These people are spoiled beyond my imagination and I hope they can find true riches within.

At the museum I worked in I saw hundreds of children hurt because of the heartless egos of the power elite. When I said sometime about those dangerous exhibits I was told by more than one manager;

"Don't worry about it Robert thats why we have three million dollars worth of insurance."

After a five year battle of words I won by getting 17 exhibits removed from that museum but it was the children of Kansas City that truly won.

For four years I have lived in poverty. For four years I have been black listed. For four years I've been in retreat. No more.

Reaching into my home to steal my last freedom is too much. I want closer but not at the cost of the truth.

My Imagination Garden will bloom again with the colors of my thoughts. Anger is such a ugly weed of the mind. My best writing is ahead of me.

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Ely'sa Castro

I love your blog and am glad to add it to my blog list. Thanks for your comment.