Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Big Plan

Heaven help me. Hell fear me.

With that simple prayer the Imagination Peace begins.

To the cowards of a thousand stolen dreams your time is coming to an end. Your weapons are money, power and lies. Toothpicks against swords of Imagination, Love and Truth.

Your stolen dreams burn in bonfires fueled by ugly fat egos. I've decided to wage peace on the world. Everyone wants a quiet war they can ignore but I can't ignore these wars anymore.

Darfur is a mess that no one wants to do anything about. The world won't go to war to stop the holocaust and words of protest have no meaning to evil bullies that murder and torture.

We need to allow mass immigration of of sub-Shara Africans to the United States from the Sudan. Its the only rational solution.

The Evil Empire part two has rolled their tanks into another country but I believe this is a back room deal to allow the fallen empire of old to save face. All we can do is try to find out the truth in a vortex of government and media lies.

The Corporate Hive Mind grows each day and the Imagination of the world grows smaller.
I would like to see the end of the Corporate, Communist, Fascist mind set and see a family capitalist free thinking world. If you don't know that capitalism and the corporate are two different things let me enlighten you. The Corporate is an imaginary construction with the rights of a living human being that is a shield of lies to protect neo-aristocrats from legal action.

My Big Plan is as follows. To try to be more truthful everyday and expand my imagination beyond any boarders. To put it simply I want to be the Johnny Appleseed of Imagination.

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