Sunday, August 10, 2008


Fear of failing or just plain laziness, I am a world class procrastinator. Its time I finish the big projects. I must push myself as hard as I can to fight the greatest of all of my sins.

I will not be a procrastinator.

I will have one final battle with my empire of junk.

I will finish my storybook.

I will finish my novel.

I will finish my graphic novel.


My storybook by the end of this month.

My graphic novel by October 31st of this year.

My novel by the end of the year.

I can do this but why haven't I done it before now?

I don't know, I'll think about that tomorrow.


Laila Hussein said...

hehe procrastination, the greatest evil!! I hope you started with your big plan :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

I would have a evil worst than procrastination but I keep putting it off.

After my Anti-Imagination post I plan to do a post called The Big Plan.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Putting your plan in writing and telling the world is very brave - so I send you the greatest of strength, bags of imagination, extending time and peace to go within and complete your hopes and dreams.
I only have two major projects and they dont seem to be developing. I contacted an agent recently and got turned down as they wanted 'fine art' not my decorative stuff. I have not got on with my church book as Ive been so busy with other works and fear I wont find anyone interested to publish them as a serial or a book. .. but I have started my garden studies in my handmade sketchbook. .. so I just go with the flow......

Robert A Vollrath said...

The Big Plan is about a spiritual plan I have for myself and is less to do with art or writing.

I see you as a fine artist and I think most of what is called fine art now is decorative. My abstract art is decorative. I've never understood the art world. I love your artwork and hope to purchase some of your work someday.

Going with the flow is what I've been doing this year. After The Big Plan, I'll be doing a post called Doorknobs and Romance about the third woman I've been in love with this year. I've turned 50 years old and became a teenager again.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Robert re how you see my artwork. A spiritual plan is great - but be aware a plan often turns out different to what we think... mine is but its teaching me so much along the way and the initial plan never stops developing. Its just wonderful we realise there is such an element of ourselves we call spirit - which is obvious from your writings.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I hope I can keep this blog going long enough to write about how much I've grown spiritually in the last few days.

This blog may end but I'll just start another one and keep in contact with you.