Monday, June 1, 2009

The Path

I began to walk down the path. A path I feared, a path I knew wasn't for me. As I got older the path became more narrow until I walked on a dull blade that was miles long.

When I was younger I ate drank and spoke lies. I was a fool and a word worshiper. Then the path had three ways set before me.

Past Me, the master of lies was one road. A road I happily followed.

Present Me, that was lost without hope in a Broken Mirror Universe.

Future Me, a creature sculpted in harsh truths that saved my soul many times.

The blade is sharper now but I still walk. I know what I must do no matter how impossible that seems. I must become a writer and make a living at it.


Psy Strife said...

HELL YEAH :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, it's so GOOD to see people face their destinies!!!
Rock on, man!!! You know the whole universe wants you to be yourself!!!
Best wishes for this new road :D!
And congrats!

-haha! the word verification for this post is "Shout"! Shout what you want, and get it, man :D!!!-

Robert A Vollrath said...

This comment makes me feel so good!
Thanks for the shout:D

Désirée said...

I wish you could find an easier path, but sometimes that might not be an option.

I came to think of two things I wrote once and put on my blog. Have you read them?

The first is about a tough period in my life.

The second is about someone else.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I choose the path I take and my path is so easy compared to so many in our world.

If I chose an easier path I wouldn't be writing a novel now or having a script being read in public in a few days. I wouldn't have sons or two beautiful grandchildren.

The hard road is sometimes the best road:) I liked both of your posts and left comments.