Friday, May 29, 2009

Taste of Candy

This is the very end of the most extreme movie I ever made.

In fact this is about all I can show you of this original edit of the movie.

I always try to play by Blogger's rules and I found most of the movie couldn't be shown on this site.

I was going to show you my cameo in the movie but I haven't got to that footage yet as I work on a new edit of the movie for a underground film festival.

The movie is about child abuse and how it breeds murder in our world.

There are no children in this movie but the stuff animals in the back seat echo a lost childhood.

My good friend Maia played the part of Candy and took part in the writing as the voice of reason.
I directed this movie and hope to expand it into a feature someday.


rosalie said...

going to take a more closer look on it when there's some more and calmly.. interesting.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm getting ready to shot the next part of the movie that will take place in a prison.

That will be spoken in monotone without curse words to explain why Candy became a killer.

This will be shot almost ten years after the original footage.

My actress is middle aged now and this will give the movie an even harder edge as we see her in prison.

I will try to have a trailer up by the end of July.